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  1. Yinhe Big Dipper 38 deg for BH?

    For me the Big Dipper has the right amount of tacky for the backhand, it's just slightly sticky. I try to play close to the table and I think that at this distance the speed of the BD is enough. What I like most about the Big Dipper is the control in the backhand exchanges in the close to the...
  2. a

    You can try yinhe big dipper 2
  3. NEW Gold Arc 9

    You may be right but for me, for my level, when I compare rubbers with the same degree of hardness, the tensor rubbers are faster than the Chinese ones. I don't know if I hit propperly or like a wimp. But this is the way I hit with chinese rubbers:
  4. NEW Gold Arc 9

    GA8 is a tensor rubber and GA9 is a chinese rubber, it probabily will be slower
  5. Simon Gauzy was right or wrong in that point?

    If the ball would go over the net, it would be impossible for the ball to only hit the side of the table IMHO
  6. Simon Gauzy was right or wrong in that point?

    if the table is without a net, I think it is possible
  7. M Star Green Sponge?

    It's been a while since this rubber was released.
  8. Hurricane 3 vs Hurricane 8 for BH

    for me h8-80 is just a softer and less dense chinese rubber. It's not spring or elastic, it is just more easy to engage the sponge but there is no tension, it just a soft chinese rubber.
  9. New Equipment 2024

    Goldarc 9 DHS Goldarc 9 just came out on aliexpress for around 27 dollars
  10. What rubber is this?

    RITC 729 Friendship General ?
  11. how to do a push that creates sidetopspin

    There is absolutely zero topspin in this push this is just a variation of backspin push and another push with light backspin + light sidespin
  12. Aliexpress Anniversary Sale 2024

    Do you know what the hardness of mid soft and mid hard is?
  13. Loki Arthur Europe Diamond

    Is this a tensor rubber?
  14. Next step after mark v

    I would go for rakza 7 on both sides
  15. Palio AK47 appreciation topic

    I had the same experience. I really liked the sponge but the topsheet is much inferior to the Eurojap
  16. Tibhar Linfort Power/Spin

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think these rubbers are made for the exclusive type of table tennis with balls size 44+ in Japan
  17. Looking for Cheap Forehand Rubbers (Tacky) that doesnt need booster

    Jupiter 3 if want a tacky rubber and Big Dipper if want a slighty tacky rubber
  18. ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024

    If play against LP is just "deal with your own spin" then I have the spinniest soft block in the world You can't say that playing against LP is just deal with your spin, because everything changes, tactics, speed, bouncy and ball timing and some players manage to create some spin even with...
  19. Is my strength also my biggest weakness?

    if you don't do 3rd ball attacks, your serves will lose some effectiveness because there is no pressure on receiver, he doesn't need to attack or receive short, wide or with high spin he just need put the ball on the other side of the table. But if you do, you force the receiver loop every long...