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  1. Hello from Australia

    Welcome Sincerarity, I also play in Melbourne VIC, at CTTC and DVTTA. Plus some of the local VIC events. May have seen you around :D
  2. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Thanks for the feedback. After watching vidoes of my strokes in match play compared to training, they're definietly night and day. I do tend to feel rushed in matches which is probably why i don't wait for the ball as much. If the ball is too far infront outside of the strike zone, but the...
  3. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Haha I’m in the black/red sleeved shirt.
  4. Video Footage Safe Thread

    My bad! Should be fixed now!
  5. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Hello all of you best sport in the world loving souls. I've recently got to record a good pennant match which I feel I played mostly quite well for my knowledge level of execution. IMO I'd win vs my opponent a good 7/10 times but that's another topic ;) Looking for any and all feedback...
  6. Armature FH stroke difference between Tacky and Non tacky rubbers

    Feel free to delete If bumping isn't allowed but I'm pretty curious about this topic. Does anyone that has swapped from tacky to non tacky or, the other way have any insight?
  7. Armature FH stroke difference between Tacky and Non tacky rubbers

    Hi Folks, Just wondering on everyone's options about FH stroke differences when using tacky vs non tacky rubbers? Is the stroke plane a more extreme difference between going up with tacky rubbers as opposed to going more forward with your average non tacky rubbers? Or can you get away with...
  8. Table tennis is the most difficult and frustrating sport I have ever played

    Winning is a by product of improvement. If you always focus on improving the winning will come sooner than you think ;) Improvement is always a 1 step back, 2 steps forward deal. However if just winning the local office tournament is your goal, short term equipment changes may help. if the...
  9. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Thanks for taking the time to watch the games Brs, appreciate it. After watching back the matches and reading your comments I've realised I block far more than I thought it did. Playing against this guy makes a bit more sense because I feel he just plays at a faster pace than I'm used to, so...
  10. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Hi Folks, me again. This time i have footage of me playing some practise matches. My opponent is decently bit better than me but still looking for anyfeed back and especially some suggested drills i can do to force myself to move more and not stare at the ball after i've hit it.All tips and...
  11. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Thanks for the feedback. I think they translate ok but there are some issues. Because I'm hitting these to guys that aren't the strongest blockers, it's helped me learn spin and control over pace. So in a game when I'm out of position my default is normally a 60 - 70% stroke which most of the...
  12. Video Footage Safe Thread

    Hello fellow table tennis addicts. Just looking to get some feedback on my FH topspins. My partner that is blocking for me isn't the most consistant blocker so i didn't feel like i could properly commit to using my body for the power in most of the strokes however there were some i feel kinda...
  13. Visiting Aus in November!

    Hi Peter, I can't help you with Sydney but if you end up going further south to the state of Victoria, there are a few bigger clubs in the main city of Melbourne.
  14. FH vs Backspin tips

    @Fzambetta I play at DVTTA in Melbourne, Victoria. @NDH, Thanks for posting the video. The whippyness you're talking about I can see so I'm going to try and emulate it at training and record myself. Also will do the loop then topspin to show my recovery/ stroke process. I have some issues...
  15. FH vs Backspin tips

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. So points to work on Use the Body rotation to almost drag the arm behind creating whip like motion rather than both body and arm moving in sync When practising use short almost ghost serves for better loop vs backspin practice Centre of Gravity leaning more...
  16. FH vs Backspin tips

    Hello fellow Table Tennis addicts. Just looking to get some constructive feedback on my FH loops vs backspin. Any and all tips welcome. My current opinion is I can lift most backspin balls regardless of spin but lack speed and penetrating power to put a lot of my stronger opponents under...
  17. Can you see the ball turning ???

    Wait until you develop stroke muscle memory reading spin of normal rubbers and then having to change that on the fly vs long pips or anti. That's a nightmare to learn XD
  18. How do pro players take note of strategies or opponent's analysis?

    I would start by observing the basic strengths of the player eg where they like to attack from. Are they strong on the FH or BH underspin balls? Can they make good flick/flip returns against short FH and BH serves? Are they more FH or BH dominant player? Do they prefer to spin or do they flat...
  19. Lightweight allround blade for maximum spin? Hinoki?

    I've found the Andro Novacell /S series has a nice light feel. Weighs in at around 75 grams. The ALL/S could be a good option in that series.
  20. Virtual Reality | ELEVEN Table Tennis

    Yeah I have! I think the Ping ball is a great idea and works pretty well most of the time. I haven't been game enough to play people with less than 3 bars with it but I might have to give it a shot.