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  1. Forehand Drive Technique Correction

    Thank you for the feedback and for the Kim Junghoon video tip I will check them out asap. And yes your instincts were correct I go to a small club called sangrim tt club (상림마을 탁구장). Are you also in Korea? I find that my control and placement are more consistent when the drill first starts and...
  2. Tickets for Korea Open 2018

    Does anyone know when/where to get tickets for the Korea Open this year?
  3. Mizuno Table tennis shoes

    I bit the bullet on some Mizuno wave drive 8's and now regret the decision as they made my feet and knees hurt too much, even with insoles. I switched over to slightly thicker asics vball shoes and most of the pain has gone away. Didn't have the slightest bit of knee pain before I started...
  4. I need help on how to structure my wrist

    My coach told me to always hold my paddle in a goose neck style as it prevents uncontrolled wrist movement and allows for quicker transition to a backhand stroke.
  5. Upgrading from pre-made, advice needed.

    I also recently switched over to a more dedicated setup. I spent some time messing around with a bunch of cheap chinese rubbers form cole's and eacheng but,when I joined a club, everyone had me switch over to tensors and they said that the cheap chinese rubbers messed up my stroke. I kindof...
  6. Removing glue from sponge

    I read somewhere that a layer of rc on top of wb glue helps get it off easily but idk if that would be wise to do with a tensor rubber or right before a competition. Thick layers of tear mender work the best for me.
  7. Forehand Drive Technique Correction

    Hi all, I recently joined a club and started seeing a coach about a month ago. Everyone at the club is pretty experienced and definitely at a much higher level than me. Every time I do forehand to forehand drills with them they point out that the form for my forehand drive form is off. They...