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  1. World Cup 2024

    I am of the same opinion. I loved the old ITTF events. I also love the new WTT events (though there was an adaptation phase where I was frustrated with the new WTT system). The World Cup is a premier event from the pre-WTT era and one of the 3 events that constituted the Grand Slam. To me, this...
  2. the best feeling all wood blade

    My favorite blades for feeling and control: 5 ply all wood blades: Butterfly Korbel Japan 87 gms Butterfly Primorac Japan 86 gms Nittaku Acoustic 86 gms Xiom Fuga 86 gms OSP Virtuoso 89 gms Xiom offensive S 86 gms (slightly wider and flatter grip) 7 ply all wood: Stiga clipper 90 gms...
  3. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    That would be the DHS 301 T - amazing control, dwell, ball feeling and looping ability like the SC-Z with the addition of a MUCH higher catapult effect/rebound (and thus power), very high stability, fantastic sweet spot, great touch for the short game and fantastic long arc for mid distance or...
  4. difference between Buttfly Viscaria and Innerforce ALC.S?

    I have the the ALC.S and I totally agree
  5. Chen Meng using Fan Zhendong Super ALC

    Very few pros EJ much. Some of the few famous ones who did or do EJ that I can remember are Ma Long (in the past), Xu Xin, Dimitry Ovtcharov, Zhou Qihao, Joao Geraldo to name a few. Some form of 5 + 2 ALC is the tried and tested weapon for most pros and most stick to it.
  6. Chen Meng using Fan Zhendong Super ALC

    I have a similar feeling. The changes in the ball - increase in size, celluloid to plastic - have both been detrimental to the spin aspect of the game in addition to being detrimental to the speed. However, Table Tennis - its wonder and joy is all about spin. The reason why China dominated the...
  7. Chen Meng using Fan Zhendong Super ALC

    Exactly my thoughts and I think that is the case
  8. Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

    Ok. Just noticed something that takes the cake - on his own website articles, he has disabled selection of text (and thus disabled copying) using JavaScript! Atleast from the phone one cannot select any text from his articles! This is unbelievable. NOW I don't like this guy as he thinks it's ok...
  9. Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

    Lol - I didn't know about that particular instance of plagiarism on his side but I know what you are talking about. He copied one of my YouTube comments verbatim and quoted it in one of his videos without any mention of my name. And yes - he has never shown up in any of his videos. Uses some...
  10. New blade advice ?

    The Butterfly Innerforce ZLC is good for flat hits - not for a spinny game which the OP mentioned he likes more than flat hitting. For looping (spinny game), either a classical 5 ply pure wood or ALC is the way to go.
  11. Why are rubbers so expensive?

    Fastarc is not a Japanese rubber - it is a German rubber
  12. Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

    I agree - D09C could have been on the list even though for most players it is more suited to FH (as it is relatively more linear and needs constant active engagement and has less of the catapult that is so useful for most people for BH)
  13. Top 10 Best Backhand Rubbers of All Time

    I am USATT 2000 with a very strong FH (Chinese style power looper) and controlled BH. I play with a rotation of Friendship Battle 2/Power Bloom/Hurricane 3 41 on FH and rotate among the top 5 in this list for BH. This guy's is the best advice I have found on the internet as what he says matches...
  14. Donic Xtreme blade - Anyone tried it yet?

    Thank you very much. Appreciate it
  15. My Personal Guide to Rubbers on Aliexpress

    Thanks a lot @TensorBackhand. Sounds very good. I will like to try them as soon as I can decide where to buy them from. I used to buy from (best prices, lowest shipping) but they turned rogue of late. For my last order, there was absolutely no order update or response to...
  16. FS: Lots of blades (30+) and rubbers (lost count...) US only

    Hey - I've presently tuned down the EJ craze, but as you guessed, I love Chinese rubbers (no non-Chinese rubbers for FH except one). For BH I use non-Chinese rubbers but am looking for a good Chinese rubber - the main ones in rotation are Dignics 05 (best) MX-P Fastarc G1 DHS Goldarc eight...
  17. My Personal Guide to Rubbers on Aliexpress

    @Michael Zhuang - Wonderful, wonderful post - this is gold! Thank you very much for putting this together and sharing. I only use Chinese rubbers on my FH. I have tried most of all the popular ones and my favourite are 729 Bloom Power and Friendship Battle II too! Totally accurate assessment of...
  18. FS: Lots of blades (30+) and rubbers (lost count...) US only

    That's my man (y) 👏 👏 (from a fellow mad EJ)
  19. Your Favorite Inner Carbon Blade - SURVEY

    Good post @Equaaz - may I add one to this list? The Nittaku S-CZ Out of the 90 or so blades that I have, my favorite blade (for the playing feeling, the finishing and the beauty - but not necessarily for effectiveness towards winning games) is the Nittaku S-CZ. I played it with Battle 2 on FH...