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  1. Stiga DNA Platinum Rubbers

    Anyones tested and can compare to Tenergy 80? :)
  2. Pongfinity Sensei

    My nephew will love these, a big fan of yours! Good birthday gift.
  3. Stiga DNA Platinum Rubbers

    Coming from Genesis M and Tenergy 80 do you think these rubbers can be a good choice for my looking for that extra speed and spin? How is the speed compared to Genesis if you have tried them?
  4. Ebony Blades ?

    What is the biggest different between Rosewood and Ebeny when it comes to playing characaristics?
  5. liu shiwen blade

    Which rubber is the red one?
  6. STIGA Nostalgic blade series for 2018!

    Have you missed the carbon blades "Carbonado", which are used by most of the female top players? I think the Nostalgic blades looks good but I will probably stick with my Clipper.
  7. Which poly ball should you choose?

    How is the quality and the durability of the cornilleau ball?
  8. Jan Ove Waldner Bat Breaker!

    That does not look to nice! Which year was it?
  9. Stiga Eternity VPS - anyone has it? any reviews?

    I'm pretty sure all blades are still made in the same factory in Sweden and that is just like you wrote a rumor.
  10. Ding Ning using a Carbonado at China Open!

    Was this the first tournament for Ding Ning with the Carbonado?
  11. New blade Stiga - Artic Wood 2017

    I found the Arctic on Tabletennis11 for 89.90 € so the price at Dandoy sounds strange. Has anyone else tried it?
  12. New blade Stiga - Artic Wood 2017

    I can not see that price is 129 EUR?
  13. STIGA Mantra Soft, Medium & Hard Rubber Review

    Great review as always Dan, good quality. Which blade are you using Saitama?
  14. Best of 2016 - tribute

    Nice Millle, I had missed this one! 4.10 is awesome!
  15. New blade Stiga - Artic Wood 2017

    Cool looking surface, I will try it when I get the chance!
  16. Xu Xin in Martix Bullet Time! @0:29 seconds

    Wow awesome angle and effect. I also want more!!
  17. Knee pain caused by shoes?

    I agree. Knee pain often comes from wrong technique or wrong shoes.
  18. Hello

  19. Stiga Mantra S

    Sounds like a promising rubber for sure. I will get my hand on the Medium version and hopefully I will make a shorter review this week.
  20. [Video] The Calling (Preview WTTC 2017)

    Nice work, what is the music?