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  1. Why is Zhang Jike not listed in Men's Feb/2016 Ranking???

    Oh! I really didn't knew about this rule! Thank you for the information!!
  2. Why is Zhang Jike not listed in Men's Feb/2016 Ranking???

    Hey guys! Have been looking the Men's February World Ranking, and noticed that Zhang Jike is not listed! Jun Mizutani now is ranked as the #4, as Ovtcharov as #5, Wong Chun Ting as #6, and the ranking goes on... Any idea of what could have happened? Maybe he really retired?! At least...
  3. Share your Racket's Photo

    Very nice weapons!!
  4. Funniest Table Tennis Players in History

    I had the opportunity to watch Saive playing live in Brazil vs. Olympic Legends event, together with Wang Liqin and Jörgen Persson and man... Saive was amazingly funny and good-humoured! In game, we don't even need to say anything, history says for itself. After game, a very kind guy, talking to...
  5. What glue's are you guys using.

    I only use glue sheets, have already used Donic, TSP and Butterfly's glue sheets, and the were all perfect. Not difficult to remove the rubber, and didn't have any damaged neither to the rubber nor the blade (never sealed it).
  6. My table tennis drawings :)

    0.0.... This one... amazingly impressed with all these details!! Oh, and great to see that you're a girl!! Nice to see some girls around! =D
  7. What is your second passion?

    Thank you so much Anchor!
  8. What is your second passion?

    My second passion is the guitar. I really enjoy playing it in my spare time, when I have it lol When I had more time I used to record some videos and upload them on youtube.. they still are there, as the classic below :p
  9. LF: Ryu Seung-min "XIOM Amazing Penholder" DVD Training

    Hey Mischasln! I found it too on Amazon, looks that the vendor ships it worldwide...
  10. Who needs a bat. Unbelievable Table Tennis Shot With Hand!

    An interesting article about it:
  11. The Table Tennis Mannequin Challenge!

    GOD! The best Mannequin Challenge that I've ever seen! hahaha
  12. One Match

    Very good question! Thinking well... I believe I would choose Waldner X Liu Guoliang. I know that there are some matches between them in youtube, but to watch each one at his peak level, live, in the playing venue... would be awesome for me!
  13. JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade Review

    Great! Waiting anxiously for your impressions! =)
  14. What 's Mattias Karlsson equipment ?

    Yes! Short pips! =) In TTD's Vlog #6, Dan asks him about his short pips in forehand, so we can assume it's true (you can see in the video below, Dan's question at 07:39) :p
  15. What 's Mattias Karlsson equipment ?

    Accordingly to the thread below, he really uses RakzaX and RakzaPO.