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  1. Was it a mistake? Should Franziska have been picked for the Olympics?

    It's easy to underestimate the skill to perform under pressure. Personally I think I lack it but I've seen it in teammates etc. It raises their level while reducing the opponents. Perhaps it's different at pro level or maybe it's even exacerbated because of real stakes. Still there is clearly a...
  2. Saudi Smash 2024

    From what he said and the way he said it there, yeah.
  3. Saudi Smash 2024

    "So damn bad" (referring to himself)
  4. WTT Contender Doha 2024

    I really hope you don't have kids lol.
  5. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    Perhaps Harimoto isn't as talented as you make him out to be (what are you even considering to be "talent?"). Maybe it was just the training from a very young age with experienced parents and players and he isn't as talented as you believe him to be. Would that change your attitude towards him...
  6. FZD - will he be the next Wang Hao?

    To be fair, WCQ has the bigger head. Isn't his nickname in China big head or something? ;)
  7. 19th Asian Games Hangzhou

    Just a question. Why are you holding Harimoto to such high standards compared to other players? You come across with a strange bias in your posts, which is fine of course, just curious where it's coming from? You speak with so much confidence on some of these things. But the truth is that you...
  8. Why are top players sometimes hitting a forehand with the left foot in the air?

    Yes, because you can also stand up straight and just rotate the hips/waist without using the leg muscles to push off. So isn't entirely accurate either imo. But there's always a trade-off with how much detail you can describe. I just like to know what to aim for and how to do it in what order...
  9. Why are top players sometimes hitting a forehand with the left foot in the air?

    I always found the term weight transfer misleading. You can literally stand straight up with no rotation and move your weight from one foot to the other. Will that help with swinging the arm using the legs and body? Just because weight moved from one foot to the other doesn't say that much. But...

    It isn't team Eslöv though. Jon nor Pär play for Eslöv. It was just played there.
  11. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

  12. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    The atmosphere in the hall.. :love::love:
  13. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    We were so worried.. man the feeling was indescribable. We we're thinking if there's any point in even going to watch tomorrow if we lost. Things looked so shakey, Kristian kept serving long, serving high or having trouble with Majoros serve. His game is so much all or nothing. But he pulled...
  14. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    I wonder if anyone on the planet has the feeling of Truls. Just a shame Kristian and Anton don't have some more of that. That said I can't believe how well Hungary are playing. It's like we're playing against China.
  15. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    Watching these guys for real I don't see any lack of power from the euro side. Kristian Karlsson, for example, has insane power. Lin Yun-ju looks pretty elegant to me when he plays. And so does Ma Long, he looks more fluid to me than playing with as much power as Kristian. Truls may have...
  16. European Team Table Tennis Championships 2023

    I'll be there a few hours between Thursday to Sunday :D
  17. I wanna play with the big boys!

    This was what I was talking about in one of my posts. Some training environments (like some I've experienced) have such a focus on doing things in certain ways that another part of the game takes a big hit. This is why I show a fair amount of skepticism towards a lot of coaches. They're just...
  18. I wanna play with the big boys!

    I think of feeling as touching the ball in the right way, usually to produce spin in different ways. Feeling based shots seem to be more with the hand/fingers than using the body fully like a loop. If you can push a topspin serve short, that requires a good amount of feeling and in order to do...
  19. I wanna play with the big boys!

    I'm sure it helps, more time to have aha moments, more time to experiment, more likely to build better technique. Especially if you are heavily exposed to it and allowed to experiment and taught/shown how to spin yourself. Getting that right from an early age with good players around you that...
  20. I wanna play with the big boys!

    NL, what you're saying about multiball supports my experience. It's also why I think a lot of junior players struggle against players with more experience and feeling, even though they are doing a lot of things right technically. Just by chance I've had the opposite experience of that...