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  1. Ittf account

    Does anyone have an ittf account and if so how do you make one?
  2. Kenta Matsudaira new equipment?

    No wait a second I think you're right but check the ittv recording of the match. They must have cut to a close-up of the rackets from the women's final for some reason.
  3. Kenta Matsudaira new equipment?

    No it's a screenshot from the match between kenta matsudaira vs xu xin
  4. Kenta Matsudaira new equipment?

    I noticed he started using the black rubber on his FH at the Bulgaria​ open (His racket is the one on the right)
  5. Kenta Matsudaira new equipment?

  6. Asian Games 2018

    Well to be fair the Japanese players had to play Fzd and LGY in the quarterfinal to get a medal and they actually did ok, whereas the Iranian guy just had to beat a not so on form WCT. If you say it is a JNT disaster than you are saying you would have expected Jun mizutani or Tomokazu Harimoto...
  7. Japan Open 2018 - a beginning of the new trend?

    I admit that I am biased against Harimoto because I like the traditional idea of Table Tennis as a gentleman's sport and I feel that his incessant screaming after every point is disrespectful to the game. However, I also cannot see the difference between his game and that of say, Lin Gaoyuan or...
  8. Japan Open 2018 - a beginning of the new trend?

    I would argue that Harimoto is a prodigy, not a genius. A Genius is someone who brings something new to the table, which in my view Harimoto has not done yet.
  9. T2 APAC 2018 who's confirmed?

    Yes but the men who compete in T2 are not over 60! I agree that Men vs Women matches would be entertaining in some cases, but if we are honest the men would win 90% of the time, and every match that is Male vs Female is a match that could have been Male vs Male or Female vs Female.
  10. please recommend BH rubber easy for passive block , control on Timo Boll Spirit

    Why not just try the same rubber in a lower thickness?
  11. Does Equipment Matter: Pro vs. Pro

    Alright, I feel that you are being too harsh here. Nobody said when signing up to this forum that you had to be a "productive" or "valuable" member of it. When reading your posts, it sounds like you are firing him from a job for essentially having a different opinion to you, when so far he...
  12. ovtcharov senso v2 or waldner jo shape

    The Waldner Jo shape is good for spin and control but not very fast. It is quite a soft blade so it may not be what you are looking for.
  13. Best Blade for each type of Playing?

    The Stiga Clipper Wood is good for speed The Butterfly Petr Korbel and Boll Allround are good for looping The Donic Waldner Offensive is great for control
  14. Tournament Prep

    Of course I just want to play my best and I dont plan to go from zero to hero in a month. I just thought maybe I will improve more if I aim high. I mean, it's not like I'm a beginner either.
  15. Tournament Prep

    So in about a month I am going to a big national tournament. Realistic or not, I want to make it my goal to win that tournament. I am looking for advice on how I should prepare, should I practice weaknesses or strengths, practice or matchplay? It would be great to see how some of you prepare for...
  16. Zhou Yu: Bluefire on backhand?

    His Blade is Donic too...looks like appelgren allplay
  17. Timo Boll will return to ITTF World Ranking #1 at age 37

    Again what do you think of new ITTF WR? Next month, we will see the top 10 as. 1. Timo Boll 2. Fan Zhendong 3. Dimitrij Ovtcharov 4. Lin Gaoyuan 5. Xu Xin 6. Wong Chun Ting 7. Koki Niwa 8. Simon Gauzy 9. Ma Long 10. Kenta Matsudaira When you no.7 and then you don't lose a single match and win...
  18. Fan Zhendong - Backhand Slow Motion (you should study)

    Watch this insane Backhand at 7:05 against harimoto
  19. Ma Long interviews, matches and beyond

    You mean FZD won the World Tour Grand Finals. He hasn't completed the grand slam yet :)
  20. World Team Cup Players confirmed

    Yeah and no Kenta?