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  1. German National Championships 2019

    Results from German National Championships: Livestream from 2 tables on:
  2. Training videos

    Training for 2 players at once
  3. Training videos

    4 multi ball drills for doubles training:
  4. Training videos

    Here is a short compilation of the development of one of our players in the last 6 years: 6 years shown in 6 minutes :) Fortunately we've made a lot of videos :)
  5. Training videos

    From my point of view feeding with long pimples does not make too much sense. If you feed with long pimples you will feed with no-spin balls. But the special thing on long pimples is that they give back the spin of the incoming ball in an unuasual way. You can train this effect better, when you...
  6. Training videos

    Hey Tischtenniser, we have different videos of training against long pimples: 3rd-ball attack against long pimples, part1: Serving fast and long (with some topspin) into the long pimples and attacking/looping against backspin...
  7. Training videos

    Here are some more training videos: Serve training: Aspects of table tennis drills: Aspects of multiball training: Agility ladder drills: All videos are recorded at a training camp of the Bavarian table tennis association (BTTV). We hope you like it. :)
  8. Training videos

    Banana flick and strawberry flick: Our amateur version: ;) Tabletennisdaily's professional version: We need some more training :rolleyes::rolleyes::cool::cool:
  9. Training videos

    Hey Suga D, these targets are not selfmade. Our tabletennis club bought the targets (ca. 10 years ago).
  10. Training videos

    3 years ago at the beginning of the year 2015 we recorded our first training videos. One of our first videos was a training session which combines table tennis and biathlon ;) Due to the olympic winter games we fetched the biathlon targets again and recorded a second video. Unfortunately we...
  11. Training videos

    Here is another video of an irregular exercise: 2 x backhand, 1 to 3 x forehand. The video is recorded from 3 camera perspectives.
  12. Training videos

    Alternation of forehand and backhand topspin against backspin. (Video recorded at TuS Fürstenfeldbruck)
  13. Training videos

    @Tischtenniser: You can find a lot of videos and training content from us on youtube, facebook and instagram: Youtube: Instagram: Facebook:
  14. Training videos

    Hey gmiller233, i don't know the US-System in detail. So i will try to explain the German rating system. The rating value is called TTR. Players, who start with playing tabletennis, usually get an initial value of ca. 700 to 1000 TTR depending on the league. Very good players from the highest...
  15. Training videos

    Attacking against backspin and block:
  16. Training videos

    The little girl is 10 years old. She is not from our clubs. My girlfriend trains with her for a few hours a year, when we are on holidays in Hungary. The girl has good training by her club and has a strong will to train hard. I'm always fascinated by her motivation and concentration. :D I think...
  17. Training videos

    Aiming at a mini racket: :D
  18. Training videos

    Hello together, in the last half year we posted a lot of short video clips from our training on instagram. In the last days we uploaded some of them on Youtube. So i'd like to add them to this thread. I hope i can create some more videos in the next weeks. Topspin down the line: Topspin...
  19. Training videos

    Thank's, Suga D. From my point of you it's a good idea to have an own construction thread. Could you arrange this, because i don't find Carl's lacquering video at the moment?
  20. Training videos

    Here is a short video, which shows a possible procedure to glue table tennis rubbers. I hope you will like it: