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  1. Against New ITTF Plastic Ball

    Wouldn't the balls become cheaper if they are made out of a material that is less rare and transportable by plane?
  2. DHS Europe Cup 2014

    Wow... First three matches by Maze are on the non-TV table... As if the ogranisation really doesn't know what we want to see xD
  3. Against New ITTF Plastic Ball

    I could be wrong here, but I believe there has been no reason mentioned for a ball change yet. Wasn't it clear upon announcement of the new ball that it had to be replaced because of the ending production of its material? So it is not the ITTF forcing change, but in this case it is an external...
  4. How to make table tennis more popular?

    All people see on TV now is an empty hall with 2 players on an immense field, and some photographers and camera's around it. That's not very exciting, also because the players often are focused and don't show much emotion. If you could see spectators' reaction in the same shot as the rally it...
  5. Best Shot's of the Year 2013 (POLL)

    Koki by a clear mile! Doing that with such pace while still running after that amazing counterloop rally is defenitely one of the most awesome shots I've ever seen :D Szilard is cool too but his shot isn't a winner, is not as cool to me ^^
  6. Chartres disqualified from Champion's League

    Why do they find this out only now? Looks like they really wanted Borussia Dusseldorf to continue in the Champions League..
  7. Interview with Mats Bandstigen CEO of STIGA

    Amazing! Good that you look beyond just players for your interviews, this is really interesting! Also that they will develop new rubbers to match the new balls, am very curious how this will all unfold :)
  8. Liam Pitchford - Nature or Nurture???

    That will depend on his environment I guess :cool:
  9. I am disgusted!

    That part of his game actually reminds me of a women's playing style, especially the BH haha. Maybe it is superior to men's style after all :P
  10. I am disgusted!

    Let me just point out that Ma Long beat Boll 4-0 when he was 16, and had much more trouble with him 5-6 years after the date. People are just getting used to Fan's game, whereas the Chinese coaches make sure he already knows every detail about how to beat the established names. It's really not...
  11. Best Shots of 2013

    Too many awesome shots to choose from this year. I'm very curious what the eventual top 10 will be!
  12. Can't believe...

    I must add, though, that I had never before heard of Han Ying and Shan Xiaona.. That probably adds to the feeling as well. I've never seen any discussion about Wu Jiaduo and Zhenqi Barthel being German or not. So maybe its just unfamiliarity, people want to identify with their heroes but some...
  13. Can't believe...

    On the one hand, I can understand the feelings that they don't want people originated in China to dominate European Championships. But as with Li Jiao and Li Jie for Holland, they have the nationality to play for the team. Its maybe more like a frustration that they can't train their own players...
  14. European Championships 2013 (Singles Event)

    If he plays like against Baum and Dima, he really has a chance. How many players have the power of Ovtcharov to hit through Gionis defense? I can only think of Kreanga in Europe, maybe Mattenet. One thing is sure: Gionis' matches are a guarantee for epic rallies :D
  15. European Championships 2013 (Singles Event)

    Gionis Panagiotis! What a legend :D
  16. Robert Gardos Cool Training

    Any pet store I guess ;)
  17. Your friends say table tennis isn't a sport?

    This might be a nice one for this topic :p
  18. Butterfly's Amicus Robot

    Wow that is insanely advanced stuff. Have you played against the robot at WSA? Isn't it hard to judge spin on those balls?
  19. Butterfly's Amicus Robot

    So what about it? End of Schlager's career as a trainer? ^^