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  1. New Bat - What Should I Get - DHS

    not if you have not played with one before. its hard to tell the difference without boosting
  2. New Bat - What Should I Get - DHS

    37 backhand is ok but start at 39 on forehand if you use Chinese rubber. Personally I am a big fan of Rakza Z backhand and h3 forehand
  3. Why does the vast majority of top pros use ALC instead of ZLC?

    Honest reason is having a star player. The Viscaria was released in 1993 but ALC didn't seem to take off in quite the mad manner it has until after Zhang Jike in 2012. Prior to this lots of people used all wood such as WLQ, ML, WH, ML etc etc and people bought those blades at a great rate. But...
  4. XLNT Sports (UK)

    I used to buy fastarc there as its cheapest in Uk. came reasonably fast no issues. Website is EH but the shop is real.
  5. The Magic TT Wand

    I will suggest that maybe all table tennis players, male or female should be able to enjoy playing with much larger balls. I will wave the wand for much larger balls for all. Table tennis of course
  6. World Cup 2024

    It's because he was always second fiddle. He played mostly second fiddle to Waldner and Schalger in the late 90s early 00s and then second fiddle to Boll for the remainder of his career. It's just unlucky. The same will happen with Fan Zhendong, mark my words. Despite having similar and...
  7. Should we forgive such a serve?

    in all honesty yes. It didn't make a difference to the point realistically. My general rules is 1/2 our local leauge players serve illegally. We are not becoming the world champion so its just for fun. Therefore if its causing an issue, like missed serves or extra errors i'll ask them to do...
  8. Rhyzen ICE and Rhyzen CMD

    CMD is immense. Great control and spin, decent speed when hit through. but two big drawbacks VERY soft, while super easy to smash with because of the control and good at soft brush looping I found it very hard to do a more killer loop, it was all brush or smash. Very very curly, hard t...
  9. glue sheet usage

    You wont' notice anything
  10. World Cup 2024

    I honestly agree there are a LOT of people you could argue for, but I just don't think you can discredit ML using H2H statistics is sensible as that is honestly his main thing. Also a lot of people forget about in peak 1v1 the nightmare that was Guo YueHua who was a dominant force for a while
  11. World Cup 2024

    No grand slam winner is H2H ahead of all players overall other then ML. I suspect if your criterion is not just historical H2H better than everyone you ever played but also in key games as well you may be waiting a while for a goat. Maybe forever.
  12. World Cup 2024

    Sorry is Zeio suggesting that ML isn't the goat because he was negative against one player in H2H in world tours. This is despite being H2H ahead of him overall taking into account CTTSL and internal tournaments?
  13. glue sheet usage

    Amazing for blades with certain outside plys of wood. For example limba I cannot get it to work on because the super open grain doesn't get filled in like with glue and the sheet sits on top, this can make small bubbles appear when rolling on the rubber. For koto it's literally the best, they...
  14. Your personal "hatelist" of players

    Be aware this is all in good faith and I do not go out of my way to get upset about this and still actively watch each of these players. I have levels: Top level (actually causes me annoyance): Nashad Alamayin - the most blatantly illegal serve i've seen in years. Maybe as a lefty I often com...
  15. 2024 WTT Champions Incheon 03.27-03.31 Korea

    To be honest its a big disingenuous to say that. Darko did a backhand serve from his forehand yes, but this is common for a lot of backhand service players who want to serve into the opponents wide forehand. LJK was aiming to give a backhand flick from the serve as he was winning a lot with...
  16. ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024

    If there is any say in this I would politely disagree with this suggestion. If you block someone its purely because you don't want or unable to accept their views. If you don't think people should be allowed on the forum that is what moderators are for. I don't think I should be able to stop...
  17. If you can gain one attribute of Ma Long . . . .

    As per discussion I agree with toppinga and TTT. I can't use his physical skills but I could max out that bank account. In short M O N E Y
  18. How to stop loop and pray

    Listen to your coach, and stop avoiding your forehand in training matches, you are missing because in practise the coach is telling you what to expect and making it easy for you to loop, and in a match they are not, for example the lack of space with your foot is likely because your coach is...
  19. Screaming during play? Illegal?

    Can I just ask are you all being silly in the last page? I get the arguments for both side to an extent but to pretend that all sounds affect play equally (especially as the rule is based around if it affects play) is insane. If I made a grunt to hit the ball you are annoyed fine and maybe...