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  3. Fastarc G-1 is great but...

    G-1 is great indeed, but it sounds like you're looking for something more dynamic in which case Hammond Z2 is my recommendation. While G-1 is 47.5 deg and feels like 50, Z2 is 50 deg and feels like 47-48.
  4. For Sale: Sealed Rubbers: Rakza Z, Hammond Z2, Hurricane

    Please send me a Private Message for inquiries. Free shipping to the US. Yasaka Rakza Z black 2.0mm New Sealed SOLD Nittaku Hammond Z2 black 2.0mm New Sealed $45 DHS Hurricane 3 Neo 37* black 2.15mm New Sealed $27 DHS Hurricane 3-50 Mid black 2.1mm New Sealed $27 I have blades for...
  5. For Sale: Butterfly blades and rubbers

    Blades and pictures added
  6. is there a Japanese to Euro conversion chart for rubber hardness?

    Roughly add 10 to get the Euro scale (give or take 1 degree)
  7. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    Likely they'll play the same, just different from one blade to another.
  8. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    I don't think this will be the case since they're likely identical.
  9. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    Really thinking they're exact HL5 clones which is fine by me. I'm liking the brown handle for myself, though the purple is very cool (though too flashy for me). I'm guessing they will be priced the same as the HL5. I'll be waiting for a WCQ National (W968 National) as a backup.
  10. Life, Existence, and the Meaning of Long Pips - The Opus Maximus of James Z

    Yes, he's playing with a Petr Korbel, Euro version previous gen with brown handle (instead of grey) and Curl P1-R 1mm on the BH. He was also playing with this even when he was sponsored by XIOM and TT11 France for a while. On the FH, he had been playing with Omega V Europe max for years, and...
  11. New Hurricane King for Wang Chuqin

    Don't know about the head being larger than HL5 but the thickness for all 3 are the same, weight averages too, so everything is likely the same aside from the handle designs.
  12. Anyone have a sneak peak of Glayzer yet?

    I haven't tried it on German ESN's but 1 layer of FTL on Fastarc G-1 or Rakza 7 is quite nice, you get a nicer feel and they perform a bit better.
  13. Anyone have a sneak peak of Glayzer yet?

    Typed too quickly, porous = cake sponge indeed
  14. Opinions on the Hurricane Long 5 Blades

    Really depends on what you're looking for and what you've enjoyed or disliked playing with before. HL5 is on the slower side and not very crisp. HL5X is faster and pretty stiff. W968 is a completely different blade with a larger core and top quality materials used, it has a ton of feel and is...
  15. Anyone have a sneak peak of Glayzer yet?

    Too harsh on porous sponges. I use Seamoon for Chinese sponges.