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  1. Is table tennis the hardest sport in the world?

    its the hardest sport to reach technicall ripeness. there is no game with so much technical dependance. in football its usual to win against better team with passive tactic and one successive counter attack. in tt your mistakes are points for the opponent and you have to be prepared to fight...
  2. Yasaka Rakza 7

    bouncy is different than speedy. soft rubbers are bouncy on slow gears but have limited speed when you hit them hard.. hard/medium hard rubbers like rakza are slow on slow gears but have almost unlimited speed when you hit with full arm motion. may be your friend just brush the ball not hit it ...
  3. Yasaka Rakza 7

    no its not t05 substitute..its better:) medium hard, relatively high throw, fast powerful fh rubber.. the throw angle is too high for my backhand. topsheet is supergrippy and durable.. seems softer than hexer topsheets. sponge is white, porous like tenergy spring sponge and new tensors. its...
  4. Chinese Men's WTTC Trials 2011

    would be great if ma lin win in rotterdam
  5. Article: Where is Michael Maze?

    good news ;0
  6. Where is Michael Maze?

    good news ;0
  7. Article: Ma Lin - Player Profile

    the blade is Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, in the speedglue era - Yasaka Gatien Extra
  8. Ma Lin - Player Profile

    the blade is Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive, in the speedglue era - Yasaka Gatien Extra
  9. Xu Xin illegal Serve in Detail

    xu throws back sooo obviuos and very very often. ai fukuhara throws the ball 1 meter upward in absolutelly verticall does vladi samsonov in my club there are few 50+ years old guys who abuse that rule every time they serve. its stupid when a better player than you acts like a...
  10. Xu Xin illegal Serve in Detail

    i dont know if the ball is invisible from timo's position but xu throw it backward instead of vertically upward. this gives him advantage in generating spin according to me
  11. What is in your bag?

    -single bat..dont like to choose amongst two bats in my bag -mizuno wave stardom 2 - volleyball shoes but very comfortable -no drinks -shirt and shorts -wrist band for sure
  12. An assault in table tennis!!!

    lifetime ban?! guys you're crazy! i really really hate that kind of spectators shouting during the games and trying to disturb a playaer in favour of his opponent! ban for him not to visit tournamets to the end of his days:mad:
  13. Top 5 Greatest Discussion

    jo waldner, Ma Lin, wang liqin... the others are just good players
  14. Waldner lost in hard bat semi final!!

    players who cannot do spinny strokes play hardbat..if they played inverted game waldner would win 21-2, 21-1
  15. Favourite Sporting Quotes!

    "i da padnem i da biem pak shte se napiem" ;) in english it is something like "if we win or if we lose finally we all gonna get drunk" its bulgarian football fans slogan :D
  16. Interview with Werner Schlager!

    great interview it was plesure to listen to it:)
  17. Free Viscaria Blade - Prize Draw!!!

    i DONT want the Viscaria blade cos nothing can beat my good ol' YEO:p
  18. What table tennis rubbers & blade do you use?

    Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive fh: andro Hexer bh: Palio Macro ERA 42.5 its very good but i'll change BH to another Hexer.."it's magic" ;)
  19. If you could improve one thing in your TT what would it be?

    would be nice if i could improve my footwork
  20. What is the best alternative for Tenergy 05?

    i like my Hexer. i dont care its not T05. it is fantastic rubber and suits me perfectly. i have won games against tenergy users on my level so its not the rubber what makes you better player. its the practice, experience, selfconfidence and technics.. and if somethig different from tenergy works...