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  1. What are your top annoyances about assembling your own table tennis bats?

    I'm OK with glueing, my problem is that I don't make up bats often enough so I never get better at cutting. Even using a surgical scalpel it's not as good as I want it to be,
  2. Should we forgive such a serve?

    There is nothing wrong with the rule change, which was done so that there is no finger-spin and no complete guesswork as to how the server has hit the ball. The real problem IMHO is not so much players bending the service rule as players who can't or won't understand why there is a rule in the...
  3. Should we forgive such a serve?

    Pahahaha, I see far worse than that every Monday and Friday morning when I play !! You know the drill, "Old Fred's been serving that way for 40 years, he can't change now........."
  4. Best Long pips OX for ATTACKING

    Some stellar foul serving from the older guys on the table next to you !!
  5. Since when are you playing Table Tennis?

    I certainly don't miss the old-style bats with pimples and no sponge, I always tried to avoid those even in the 1970s and all the bats I have actually bought have been reversed rubber with sponge. Where I play now a lot of the older "social" players prefer doubles to singles and they always...
  6. Since when are you playing Table Tennis?

    I played from 1974 until 1981 fairly regularly, and then I changed jobs and lost access to a table tennis facility so I stopped playing. I started again in 2014 and l've played twice a week since then.
  7. Seeking Advice for Ultra High-Speed Table Tennis Racket

    Well mine (as shown on the left) is certainly very fast and the blade was not expensive - around 50 GBP. You may however be looking for cheaper rubbers than I am using, so I wil defer to others on the question of rubber choice !
  8. Can sb compare Joola Rhyzen ZGX and ZGR?

    I have only used ZGR. I bought it because according to the vendor's ratings it was the spinniest rubber they had, and not so slow as to be hard work. It's great for my BH serves and I wouldn't be without it. In play it has good touch for short play, while it slows my BH attack (on a fast blade)...
  9. Why was the referee counting the rallies?

    It's called the "expedite" rule. It apparently had to be invoked in our local league once when a match between two lady defenders was threatening to keep everyone there until 1 a.m.
  10. TSP Balsa 6.5 (old model)

    Get the 8.5, it's even more fun !!
  11. Best place to buy TT stuff in the UK?

    Definitely Tees Sport for Butterfly and Bribar for Tibhar (and Joola if you are tempted.) Butterfly generally don't permit their resellers to ship outside their own country. They can't physically prevent it of course but they can refuse to supply that reseller any more products !
  12. using a razor blade to cut the rubber

    He is certainly very good at this, which suggests he has had plenty of practise. I agree with the others above though, however neat the results are there is far too much danger of slicing your own fingers ! The only gain I can see for taking the risk with a razor blade is that there appears to...
  13. Do you apologize if your opponent misses a serve?

    This is where the old 21-point scoring system came into its own - "Four more of those please !!"
  14. 38mm speed glue era table tennis

    I agree, but in most of the above footage the ball looks white - it only appears orange when they're knocking up. Possibly an optical illusion due to some technical limitation of the video technology back then ?
  15. 38mm speed glue era table tennis

    Even in 1995, how did Waldner get away with playing in a white shirt ??
  16. Why were the rubbers black and red in the first place?

    No, I said at the start that I don't want to get involved in the pips/anti debate and I was purely telling the story of the two-colour rule. In fact I do not give a flying left-handed @#&^£ about junk rubbers and I am certainly not going to "Pay close attention" anywhere except on the table...
  17. Why were the rubbers black and red in the first place?

    Not wanting to get involved in the pips/anti debate, but if I may hark back to this question ! Players of a certain age may remember a British guy by the name of John Hilton who became European Singles Champion in 1980 "Despite being a relatively unknown amateur player" as Wikipedia puts it...
  18. Best way to clean rubbers?

    Being a bit of a lazy old devil, I confess that I don't - I wait until it gets a bit rank and then I bin it and open a new one !
  19. UK Nationals 2023 finals long weekend

    One or two little glitches with the streams, but reasonable overall. Had to stop watching the Mollie Patterson/Anna Green QF because the stream was breaking so often.
  20. Mizuno shoes

    Not really. I asked the supplier's advice before I bought mine, stating that I wear thick socks, and they advised me to buy a half-size larger than normal. My toes don't reach the end of the shoe and I sometimes trip myself up by stepping on the vacant area with the other foot as I'm moving...