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  1. Sweaty Hands :(

    actually I struggle with this problem A LOT, but I was afraid the gloves would negatively impact the feeling I get when hitting the ball. You didn't feel any difference ? Those gloves seem very bulky, so I think they would make huge difference
  2. pin yi pi shen rubber

    I was also able to buy the Pinyi pishan purple rubber. It is interesting that after peeling it off glue remains on blade, there is literally no need to clean the rubber when regluing. It is first time I saw something like that. It happened every time I glued it, so it was not a one time accident
  3. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    yeah, noone here has to worry about 100% capability of the rubber. I didn't see anyone comparing h3 to tensors here, maybe I missed something. Price of the rubber is not decided only by their 100% capabilities, but also brand name, durability, consistency between samples and many other factors...
  4. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    what are the differences ? Also forgot to add h80-8 to that list (as fh rubber, not bh)
  5. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    Thanks a lot. I am just starting to discover yinhe brand (was almsot always playing with esn or jp rubbers). Do You boost Moon Pro ? What about fh rubbers ? I like dignics 05 and would like to keep some trampoline effect (just not as big), but have a little more dwell and sticky topsheet. I saw...
  6. pin yi pi shen rubber

    that is why I only wrote about rubbers I tried, no booster and 1 layer on H3, no matter how many layers You put on them the topsheet won't get softer (only sponge) and the more You put on it the heavier it will get, so I know I am not interested in H3 for my bh
  7. Review Yinhe Moon 12 Blue

    hi, could I ask You for detailed comparsion of all those rubbers (boosted and not boosted etc) ? As You saw in another topic on this forum I am considering moving away from jpn/euro rubbers on my bh and this review of moon 12 blue sounds really good. I am/was also around 2100 USATT raiting (or...
  8. pin yi pi shen rubber

    yes, those are some of the rubbers I was also thinking about, alongisde jupiter 3 and big dipper, I am just worried that Rakza might be too hard. For example I hate dignics 09c even though I quite like d05
  9. pin yi pi shen rubber

    no, there is huge difference between soft bouncy rubber like rakza 7 soft, tenergy fx and H3 (which I only said I tried, but never really considered it as a replacement), so it is quite normal that soft bouncy roubers are too bouncy and h3 is too slow and hard
  10. pin yi pi shen rubber

    I hit with it few times on different blades, but H3 was too slow for me (even with 1 layer of booster)
  11. pin yi pi shen rubber

    softness is not causing bounciness on it's own. Never played with mercury, so can't say anything about it, but the whole spring sponge technology was created to add bounciness. Sriver fx was a soft rubber, but You wouldn't say it was bouncy for current standards
  12. pin yi pi shen rubber

    I was actually thinking about yinhe rubbers. Jupiter 3 or big dipper, not mercury :D I think You get bouncy castle if You have soft tensor and soft topsheet (or just soft tensor xD), but it was different for old rubbers or Chinese sponge rubbers
  13. pin yi pi shen rubber

    I found this website yesterday and contacted them (didn't buy yet), You are saying their product is not good and I should contact Gan using Wechat or that the rubber I want to buy is just not good ? Don't have wechat that is why it was easier for me to use fb. Actually I bought some no name...
  14. pin yi pi shen rubber

    thanks, but I was hoping for advice where to buy them and not if I should do it :)
  15. pin yi pi shen rubber

    I saw video from gan about pin yi rubbers and got interested in pi shen with purple sponge for my bh... but the problem is I can't find any shop selling those rubbers other than Vietnamese shopee that doesn't ship internationally. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy this rubber ? Link to...
  16. Backhand rubber for Hurricane Long 5

    I currently have T05 fx, but on totally different blade (Jonyer from 80s or 90s) and I actually had more controll with dignics 64 dhs n301 that I borrowed from someone for one game, so I think that the most important is good affinity of rubber and blade. Same with Mizuno Q5, I love it on fh on...
  17. Backhand rubber for Hurricane Long 5

    actually I will also be buying this blade soon and was wondering about bh rubber. What about T05, victas v15 extra,T05fx or any softer European rubber (evolution, rakza soft, something from donic) ?I am also fh oriented player with mainly blocks/chop-blocks on bh, but would like to have...
  18. Butterfly Amicus Start help

    Butterfly Amicus Basic help problem solved, please delete this thread (I can only edit)
  19. Mima ITO japanese national team shirt

    well, I think there are at least 4 ways to get real Japanese National shirt. 1. Have some insider that is a great friend with Japanese player. I actually got 1 shirt this way (Mizuno, now they are using Victas) 2. Be a part of the ITTF World Tour (volunteer, umpire etc). Got jacket from...
  20. Quarantine trick shots

    I will update this post once per few months for new members. There are some new videos.