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  1. What are you using instead of Spectol Red?

    Victas Spectol S3 2.0mm in blue colour
  2. Is Armstrong Attack 8 L easy for a training partner? (also D2, Illusion SP and Rosin)

    I very briefly tried Hallmark Illusion SP, it is more like a medium pips along the lines of Spinlord Keiler.
  3. UK Table Tennis Prospects

    A lot of clubs are struggling to stay afloat. Lower numbers of people returning since Covid and ever-increasing venue costs mean that both the clubs I am involved with are running at a loss, a situation that will not be sustainable for much longer. This means there is absolutely no chance of...
  4. Donic equivalent to Viscaria w/Dignics 09c + 05

    The other Donic blade that could be worth looking at is the Esprit (formally called the Baum Esprit) It uses aramid-carbon instead of arylate-carbon, but otherwise the composition is the same.
  5. Thoughts on Rhyzer Pro 50 and Golden Tango

    I used Golden Tango PS for quite a while, and it was certainly my favourite hybrid rubber of that generation and of the ones that came out shortly afterwards, ultimately I went back to non tacky rubbers. I only tried Rhyzer Pro 50 on other people's set ups, but it seemed perfectly fine. I had a...
  6. Lemuria SYS clone

    The handle also looks much flatter\less rounded on the Lemuria
  7. Carbon Fleece Zylon vs ZLC

    There is a picture of the 'Carbon Fleece Zylon' on page 26 this Nittaku catalog from a few years ago: Hopefully someone recognises the material and can give some more information.
  8. Stuor long V cybershape vs stuor cybershape alc vs lemuria cybershape alc

    I've not tried any of those, but I did have a go with a friend's regular Stuor Cybershape and it is very similar to the Stiga original and good quality too. I'd personally prefer something that wasn't such an obvious copy of an existing design, but these actually seem quite good.
  9. Victas Koji Matsushita ZC DEF blade

    yes - they list the ST handle as 97 x 24mm, which does seem very short.
  10. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Nice - what's the composition?
  11. New Bluestorm rubbers

    I think it's just that the Pro AM has a softer sponge, 47.5° vs 50° for the Pro.
  12. Victas V>15 Extra blue and Victas V>22 Double Extra Blue problems?

    I haven't tried either of the Victas rubbers, but I haven't noticed any difference at all in other blue coloured ESN rubbers.
  13. Nittaku Flyatt Spin and Rigan Spin?

    The Nittaku Flyatt series are made in Japan, probably by Dakai, and are very similar to other rubbers from the same factory such as Joola Samba 19/27, Stiga Airoc and original Mantra series etc. I used to use this sort of thing for my backhand before I changed to short pips. They are now quite...
  14. Please recommend long pips rubber for me!

    On a more serious note, if you want a long pips rubber to learn LP techniques with that can do a bit of everything, Sunflex Icebreaker could be a good bet
  15. Please recommend long pips rubber for me!

    OK ;) - but you won't be able to serve ('Service shall start with the ball resting freely on the open palm of the server's stationary free hand.') as you won't have a free hand.
  16. Please recommend long pips rubber for me!

    Although it could be made clearer, I'm fairly sure 2.4.10 'A racket shall not be changed during an individual match unless it is accidentally damaged so badly that it cannot be used.' means that only one racket can be used in an individual match.
  17. Mizuno Q Quality a cheap and performant tensor that matches Tenergy 05 at half price

    I measured it at 47° Shore O Brand: Mizuno Rubber ID/Model: Q Quality Colour: Black Thickness: 2.1mm Uncut Mass: 67g Length: 170 Width: 170 Measured sponge hardness: 47° Shore O
  18. Nittaku Gyo-En Review

    I've tried a Gyo-En and thought it was fine. It does have a little vibration, but certainly doesn't rattle.
  19. Nittaku SO-TEN & GYO-EN

    Briefly - compared to a Viscaria I would say it has a slightly less muted feel. Possibly slightly harder, but it was brand new, so that may be the reason and possibly a fraction slower, but the one I tried was pretty light at 82g and I'm fairly sure when I've tried other peoples Viscarias or...
  20. [Request] Post your SDC blades

    I have a few... Currently using the one on the left, which is Koto/ALC/Ayous/Kiri/Ayous/A-C/Ash, 82.2g - 5.60mm - 1464Hz - Balance: 2.6cm The idea being the koto side is similar to a Viscaria type composition, with a slightly harder touch on the other side for my short pips. It took a while to...