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  1. World Table Tennis Championships 2017

    looking forward to seeing your vlog mate
  2. World Table Tennis Championships 2017

    So who is playing who in the semis?
  3. Chinese Trials for World Championships 2017

    When's ML playing guys?
  4. China Super League 2016 (CTTSL)

    Is zhang jike participating in this one?
  5. Do we have the reason to suppose that the finals of London OG 2012 was fixed?

    I suppose you're right. I thought from the beginning that fixed matches were complete BS until I read this article. But, since, as you've pointed out tabletennista is a shit source and this didn't appear anywhere else, I suppose this is nothing more than a clickbait dressed as a news article.
  6. Fan Zhendong has reached a new level!

    For sure you can''t change the past. I'm just trying to figure out what Fan Zhendong did in this game in terms of tactics, that Zhang Jike could've done and was fully capable of. Or does Zhang Jike simply has inferiority complex against ML.
  7. Do we have the reason to suppose that the finals of London OG 2012 was fixed? Based on this article LG actually told Wang Hao to lose against Zhang Jike in the finals, the reason being that if Zhang Jike lost he wouldn't have mental toughness to deliver in the team...
  8. Fan Zhendong has reached a new level!

    Why couldn't Zhang Jike play against ML like this in Rio?
  9. 1890 to Rio Olympics 2016

    There will be a flying table in 2116
  10. Is Ma Long's lame Olympic Celebration any good for the sport?

    Why don't you go ahead and win Olympics singles gold? Then we can discuss whether or not your celebration was good for the sport on this forum, Silva.
  11. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Any highlights for a poor soul?
  12. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Can you please send me the link of the match bbc and the chinese one are not working for me even with vpn
  13. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    I really want Ma Long to take this, but it always takes me back to 2014 World Cup. What do you think is going to happen based both ZJK's and ML's current performances?
  14. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Can somebody kindly explain to me, why is it so difficult to find highlights for matches and why isn't ITTF doing anything about it?
  15. Highlighted Matches from Rio Olympics 2016 - Table Tennis!

    Can you upload Ma Long vs Aruna please?
  16. if aruna wins....

    It's not a matter of confidence. Like you said he's already won World Cup and World Championships. If he didn't, the result of his match against the young Korean would be a lot more deplorable. I dare even say he'd lose that much considering how great Jung played. However, thanks to those two...
  17. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Does anybody have any links to the highlights from Ma Long's match? I would be elated if you did.
  18. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    Hey guys, apparently it's only showing table 2 on that bbc link, that's why I missed ma long's match. Can you guys help me out?
  19. Rio Olympics 2016 (Singles Event)

    What link are you using?