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  1. DHS Hurricane 8 Soft review

    Thank you for all of the information that you've shared! I have been considering this rubber as I currently use the H3N and am looking for something that has a little more dwell time. I do like the speed of the H3N however and don't want something that is more than 10% faster that what I have...
  2. Weight Difference between Hurricane 3 neo and Provincial blue sponge 39 degree?

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew the weight difference between the Hurricane 3 neo and the Hurricane 3 neo provincial 39-degree blue sponge? Thanks for your help.
  3. How does the Rakza 7 Soft compare to Rozena as a backhand rubber?

    Which rubber would you say is easier to lift underspin with?
  4. How does the Rakza 7 Soft compare to Rozena as a backhand rubber?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried both the Rakza 7 soft and the Butterfly Rozena and how they compare one to the other. Thank you for any insight that you have.
  5. Difference between a Viscaria and a Xiom AZX Ice Cream blade?

    HI Everyone, I was wondering what the differences in playing characteristics are between these two blades (Viscaria and Xiom AZX). I understand that the AZX has one side that is ZLC, but is that the only difference between the two in terms of materials used to make the blade? I was also...
  6. Hugo Calderano with Tibhar clothing at World Cup?

    I have been watching the world cup and I noticed that Hugo Calderano is wearing Tibhar clothing. I thought that he recently signed a contract with Xiom as his main sponsor. Did he drop that sponsorship, or for this tournament is wearing different clothing for some reason? Thanks,
  7. DHS Ma Long 3 Blade Authenticity Card - Translation Needed

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a new DHS Ma Long 3 Blade and it came with an authenticity card and there are a couple of the items that I can guess what they are. I was hoping that someone would be able to translate teh writing on this for me. I am especially wondering what is the line next to...
  8. How does the Stiga Infinity VPS blade compare with the DHS Hurricane Long 3

    Thank you so much for your detailed reply! This was the exact information I was looking for to help me make an informed purchase.
  9. How does the Stiga Infinity VPS blade compare with the DHS Hurricane Long 3

    I am currently using the Stiga Infinity VPS blade and have been using it for some time after trying a number of different composite and wood blades. I do prefer all wood blades after much experimentation. I have been thinking about experimenting with the DHS Hurricane Long 3 and was wondering...
  10. WHO WILL WIN - Dan vs Tom!

    Its going to be a tough match but I think Tom will win 11-8
  11. WIN a Boll ALC blade signed by Timo Boll!

    My prediction is that Timo will win 11-3 :)
  12. Win a FREE Rubber from!

    Hi, My favorite rubber is the Tibhar MX-P for three reasons: Its fast I can easily lift underspin with it I can get away with the odd flat hit Its not overly expensive
  13. TableTennisDaily to LIVE STREAM Sweden vs Slovakia!

    I will be tuning in, thanks for posting!
  14. Win a JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade signed by Quadri Aruna!

    I think Aruna won 11-4 :)
  15. For sale! Stiga & Butterfly

    Wow, a lot of nice equipment!
  16. the thickness of rubber !

    Hi, I am new to the game and I was reading recently that you have to use a sponge that has a thickness of at least 2.0 to properly loop the ball, is that true?