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  1. WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2024 06/11-16

    Well that was quite the show of force. If I've gotten the rankings right, after the update on Tuesday Felix should still be ahead by 7 points? Very little in it between those two now.
  2. WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2024 06/11-16

    That third game was mighty fun to watch. Through #11, #9, #7 to face #5, just needed two more players afterwards to finish the statistic.
  3. Short review of Glayzer 09c (don't buy)

    There's like a billion different kinds of rubbers out there, some might like the G09C, some don't and prefer something else. Looking at other comments in this thread I have the feeling it does induce mixed feelings, but it is one of many - the only thing that matters is to find the right setup...
  4. China manufactories don't produce anti rubbers. Why so?

    Damn, there go my hopes for a tacky antispin!
  5. Post your latest EJ purchase

    Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial 39BS and 37OS + Haifu Sea Moon. These will eventually replace my Genextion on either side once I feel like I've had enough of the speed and want to bring it down a bit. I'll probably put the Genextions on my Donic blade afterwards, since they are good, and the slower...
  6. ITTF deserves criticism a lot.

    Damn, there goes my master plan of switching the traditional sponge for a dishwashing sponge to achieve the cleanest of plays.
  7. Nittaku Genextion VS Nuzn 55 VS Tenergy 05

    I can only sort of speak for Genextion, but that one is pretty damn fast. From what I've read just now, the S-CZ is apparently a bit slower than the Eto Blade, so that might help out a bit, but I personally find myself overshooting quite often, especially on the forehand. It is viable on...
  8. 2024 WTT Contender Zagreb, Croatia June 3-9

    I always find it fun following Tomokazu's matches from the streams focusing on other tables, like with Miwa's match just now; you could easily tell how it's going even without tuning into it.
  9. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    I have taken a liking to playing from a 1.5-2 meter distance recently. I think it's in response to my setup being (as much as I don't want to admit it) too fast for me. I do overshoot a lot less from a distance, unsurprisingly, and it also gives me some more time to think about doing a proper...
  10. Why don't Pro's just do serve that comes back to their side?

    It's a very slow serve - if you see it coming, you can just run around to reach it. At most it would work once, in my opinion, and then the opponent would be ready.
  11. Suggested rule change

    Where in the world a fist pump isn't a universal gesture of celebrating a victory, be it point or game, done by everyone from kids to top pros? They're not trying to intimidate anyone or displaying some suppressed whatever, they're hyped up, pumped up and celebrating.
  12. WTT Champions Chongqing 2024

    SHW looks completely lost in G3, that's just sad after how close G1 was. :cry:
  13. WTT Champions Chongqing 2024

    Yup, it was 3-1 and that 1 was quite one-sided too before the tides turned.
  14. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    How long do rubbers stay "Like new" if left unopened in their packaging? I was wondering maybe I could get something early if they're on a decent sale and leave them in a drawer for the future. I don't think all stores get the freshest stuff anyway so it should be fine, right?
  15. Dignics 09c is amazing

    They'd last longer if you dry-boosted your tissues! As for me, I prefer my Chinese nasal rags that come sticky from the factory.
  16. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Brought my previous setup with NAIC and Turbo Orange/Z2 to the office after having had my current one for a month. I do love how it sounds though, a very nice clack. As for playing, I'm not sure. I think the setup is two months old now, but the HP3TO seems to have lost about 50%-90% of its...
  17. What are your top annoyances about assembling your own table tennis bats?

    Mainly the money. The stuff I want the most is the stuff I need the least! But also the waiting for glue to dry (and I'm sure I'll eventually get boosters too for some rubbers) I actually like putting the things together and cutting now that I've sort of gotten the hang of it.
  18. Timo Boll announces retirement after Paris 2024

    What a legend. I remember him from back in the day when my dad started teaching me how to play TT as a kid and to see him still around when I picked it back up this year was crazy. Hopefully he can have a fitting send-off..
  19. DHS H3 and all versions

    I admittedly didn't actually use that set up all that much, the need to EJ was too strong. Mainly to give the Hurricane a proper go and see how it feels on it with me now used to my new rocketship. I do feel like something tacky would work well on FH for me, but I have forced myself to take a...
  20. DHS H3 and all versions

    Unfortunately while it would be fantastic for my EJ-brain, a matrix/table like that would require the world to come to some sort of a consensus about them, and then it gets even more complicated when you include the topic of boosting, in which case you can take the amount of opinions to the...