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  1. Ma Long's first training session after Rio Olympic Gold 2016

    A cool video of Ma Long's first training session back after Rio Olympics 2016!
  2. Extreme excessive screaming by Harimoto

    He screams like this cause he is a fighter, a warrior, his destiny is to beat the chinese later : he is surpassing himself by choing
  3. European Championships 2016

    Demain, ce sera la Marseillaise qui résonnera dans l'aire du jeu ! Fier d'être français ! Vive la France !
  4. Jean Michel Saive vs Thomas Weikert - Who would you vote for?

    Plastic balls and TTX are enough. Go Jean-Michel and bring back table tennis to table tennis players. Like seriously I clicked randomly on the podcast and I heard his idea would be to only serve with the backhand, I hope he is joking but this isn't kind of funny... Less variety, less spin...
  5. What is the most important part of the Forehand Topspin?

    You are on the right track, just keep focusing on the most important aspect you feel your stroke will improve and once integrated move to add something else and so on. And go back to the previous aspects if you feel you are losing them. I apply this rule and this is the best way for me to keep...
  6. Is Ma Long alcoholic ?

    Haha well made! :D
  7. Is Ma Long alcoholic ?

    Today, we can read on different famous french websites (which normally never really talk about table tennis) the appealing title "The number one in table tennis Ma Long is" doping" with alcohol"...
  8. I've got the blade of a champion!

    I've got a blade of a pro! In Belgium, there is a guy named Michel Detrigne who is known to prepare the table tennis 's blades of many champions like Ovtcharov, Boll, Samsonov, Saive and many more. Basically, he is doing a treatment on the blade (which is kept secret) consisting notably in...
  9. my new training videos

    Who are you ? We can't guess it... Insert directly the videos next time too... :)
  10. Table Tennis Tribute - Incredible

    I love this video because there are many points we don't see often in it, I prefer this stuff instead of the montages with just really amazing points because those amazing points are too common and become boring
  11. Zhang Jike and Ma Long training HD

    I've not seen this before but stumbled across it on youtube. It is fairly old I think but nevertheless, excellent footage of the worlds best players. Part 1: Part 2:
  12. I Love This Game!

    I love your videos
  13. Dimitrij Ovtcharov Training 2016!

    So much quality put in each ball, this is insane !
  14. Proposed Increase in Net Height!

    Soon table tennis will change to this because of all these new rules, sure it's more impressive...
  15. Who Will Win! Dimitrij Ovtcharov or Dan!?

    11-1 for Dan because Dan let a point to Dima not to humiliate him
  16. My experience with serving like Yoshimura Maharu (Disclaimer: My contact - different)

    Look at 1m25 One mistake in the tutorial video is that the "direction" of the spin is the same for backspin and topsin : it's a reverse pendulum serve
  17. Table Tennis Slow Motion 2015

    That's fantastic!
  18. (Video) Portrait of Feng Tianwei

    Portrait of Feng Tianwei and Gao Ning I thought it would be good to share this beautiful portrait of Feng Tianwei, an humble and hard working person :D You can look up the portrait of Gao Ning too ! I really love so much this kind of video which gives us an other insight on professional...
  19. Chinese Trials For WTTTC 2016

    Yeah I am looking forward to hear some news about him... After defeating Jun Mizutani I thaught we were gonna see him more, what a powerful forehand he has !