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  1. Upgrade Blade advices please

    Post a clip with your technique if you have 4 years in table tennis with coached technique you should easily go for carbon blade like innerforce zlc,alc if you don't then stay with that blade but upgrade the rubbers for me personally rakza 7 is very bad these days cant even come close to the...
  2. Easy-To-Use Tensor Rubbers

    Most easy to use rubber that I have experienced is Butterfly Tenergy 05 fx and by easy to use I mean it give crazy spin and speed with very little performance or movement from you that is what I understand with easy to use you can make every hard ball go on the table with good quality without...
  3. JP handle blade vs normal

    Sorry my friend just saw it. I meant jp penace penhold on the picture seems like the normal version of the c pen blade but what that penace jp mean it only says japanese version of the blade and nothing else.
  4. JP handle blade vs normal

    But is there any other difference except the mark?
  5. JP handle blade vs normal

    Yo guys on tabletennis11 there are some new blades that they discount every week called jp penance what is the difference between them and normal blades as I understand it they have smaller handle only but no other information is given + I have never heard that they make special blades for japan...
  6. Opinions on Prott for expensive blade purchases.

    Yeah I don’t expect anything under 2 weeks but still it is worth the shot you cant find penhold butterfly blades anywhere in eu only us and asia my only concern is the money for the blade it is not something for 20 euro its like 200 so thats why I am very careful with the purchase.
  7. Opinions on Prott for expensive blade purchases.

    Hello guys have any of you bought butterfly blades from prott and do you think there is any risk for them to be fake I cant purchase penhold butterfly blade from europe because they don’t make penhold blades here and prott is the only option. ps. Planing on buying innerforce zlc
  8. Blade upgrade suggestion

    So guys it is that time I never actually believed that it would happen but after very hard training for almost 3 years I am getting to a very good level in my country I am playing with my old DHS PG3 great great blade for the price but when I make 2 steps away from the table and I start to loop...
  9. should I buy a duplicate blade or a different blade for backup

    I don't think you will need a backup of anything if you are not playing in a professional tournament. Maybe after one year after you change your timo boll alc use the old one for training and new one for league I am saying that because most of the carbon blades change characteristics after one...
  10. Butterfly Amicus Prime Guide?

    Hello guys recently a club owner near me got a table tennis robot amicus prime but he doesn't understand anything on how to use it. I played with it a few times and just the basic drills that the robot has seem really off and weird and what is the 3 types of head heigh for? I just cant seem to...
  11. Blade lacquering problem

    Yeah man I directly brushed it on top and now it has a visible layer I will probably buy next time hard outer ply blade so I don’t need to seal it tbh I really didn’t need to seal that blade too it was peeling a little but after rubber re gluing but nothing major I will probably risk and sand it...
  12. Blade lacquering problem

    Hello guys I lacquered my blade with xiom I-sure and the top ply became shiny but rubbers wont stick to the blade properly or they will get peeled of very easy even one week after gluing no matter how much layers I put the rubbers start peeling on the edges even without me making contact with...
  13. Does tacky rubber slow down improvement?

    Most coaches are not equipment junkies and usually in EU including my country coaches are recommending few rubbers they like and that is it. I will tell you what a national player that I spoke of before one year told me If I play with tacky chinese rubber I better stick with that for an year or...
  14. Best glue for Rakza 7?

    Rev 3 is a good glue but In your case I think you put too much sealant on the blade and that is why the glue is running from the edges maybe sand just a little bit from the top layer with smth like grid 400-500 I know some glues are better than the other but still I don't think there is any glue...
  15. Short and Long Stroke Players

    Yeah forehand and backhand topspin stroke the distance the arm travels I guess from impai the beginning of the stroke to the end.
  16. Short and Long Stroke Players

    So guys really confused topic for me how do people divide short and long stroke players the only really short stroke player I know is Robert Gardos and probably Ma Long and Xu Xin have a little bit longer strokes than others but that is all just small difference based on technique and how is...
  17. Basic question about RPB blade

    From exp I can tell you get any Cpenhold blade and get a lighter one around 80grams if you feel wrist pain also I play rpb from the start and I don't feel any wrist pain or finger pain only when I have a training session more than 3 hours then my fingers feel funky so you should look into your...
  18. Coach Lin

    Most of the things he talks about are true I just don’t understand why he recommends so fast blades for beginners.
  19. Best way to maintain H3 neo tackiness

    The most important thing is not only the rubber to be clean but the hall that you are playing in too because particles get stuck on the ball and they go on your rubber after that and damage it and scratch it so playing outside is a no no too.