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  1. Qatar Open 2020

    Wow i did not expect that
  2. Men's World Cup 2019

    Congrats to LYJ, getting 3rd place on his 1st world cup apperance.
  3. World Junior Championships (WJTTC) 2019 in Karat, Thailand

    Japan slowly but surely catching up
  4. Men's World Cup 2019

    I hope so but unlikely that he'll beat ML even when he isn't at his best, also the fact that he barely managed to beat Niwa doesn't help his case. I'll be glad to be proven wrong though.
  5. German Open 2019

    Oh well. At least she reached the final again.
  6. German Open 2019

    This is true. But other than these results i can't think of any other.
  7. German Open 2019

    I hope Ito wins in the final but i would be very surprised if she does since it's very rare for a CNT player to lose twice in a row to a foreigner.
  8. German Open 2019

    Harimoto doesn't look like much of a threat to CNT anymore
  9. ITTF-ATTU Asian Table Tennis Championships 2019

    Agreed. And this is why i think LYJ will turn out better than Harimoto in the long run, he's both more complete and forces the game in his favour.
  10. ITTF-ATTU Asian Table Tennis Championships 2019

    Xu Xin style is just too hard for HT to deal with.. LYJ has a better chance to beat him.
  11. Czech Open 2019 (World Tour)

    Why obviously? Not a fan of Dima? (I also want Calderano to win btw, i'm just curious)
  12. Czech Open 2019 (World Tour)

    Did he really say that? I didn't see the match.
  13. Japan Open 2019

    Do you have the LYJ vs LGY match?
  14. T2 Diamond 2019 | Malaysia

    Why would you say that? The prize money for the winner of this tournament is quite high.
  15. T2 Diamond 2019 | Malaysia

    The thing is we've seen it happen many times before where a player, who usually doesn't perform outstandingly well, performs above what you'd expect from him/her at a couple of tournaments (e.g Ionescu ETTC 2018) and then they go back to their normal form where they don't produce results that...
  16. Australian Open 2019 [Platinum]

    Calderano's biggest problem is that he goes for the big shot when it's not necessary. He should mix in some more control in his game.
  17. Australian Open 2019 [Platinum]

    Franziska won.
  18. Australian Open 2019 [Platinum]

    I actually think Harimoto will beat WCQ this time because he tends to get revenge on almost everybody he loses to in a previous encounter.
  19. ITTF Korean Open 2019

    Many of them have a lot of potential, however, they tend to be quite streaky.
  20. European Games 2019

    I don't think so. Groth has beaten Timo a few times in the bundesliga before. I still think that Timo will win, but not easily.