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  1. Dignics 05 review 2.1mm

    User name checks out
  2. DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) vs the NEO version of it

    National and provincial versions of Hurricane 3 are widely available to public now. In China, DHS even has an official Taobao store selling them.
  3. Under €40 but is it any good? | Xiom Vega X Review

    Of course technique trumps equipment. But equipment must complement and enable one's technique and game. A junior looper isn't going to get by with plain Sriver with the plastic ball, whereas someone used to the short game of Mark V might not be able to get used to the bounciness of Omega VII...
  4. Under €40 but is it any good? | Xiom Vega X Review

    Agreed on this, Sriver can still be used offensively, to an extent (but you could also say that you can use long pips offensively). I guess it's all relative, where Sriver and Mark V are probably on the least offensive end of the offensive rubber spectrum. That said, I don't necessarily think...
  5. Under €40 but is it any good? | Xiom Vega X Review

    Indeed, I thought the review got most of the main points across. Don't think Dan's ever made reviews where he gets a robot to shoot a ball at a static bat to compare throw angles. Frankly, that'd be pretty boring - clearly that's not Dan's style, and this is reflected in his channel's...
  6. German Open 2020

    That lower right bracket in the men's draw is savage...
  7. Opinions on Tenergy 05 & Tenergy 80

    ZJK changed to T80 when the plastic ball came into effect because of the need to create more spin while maintaining stability. Mizutani made the same move.
  8. Is Liang Jingkun using Yasaka Alnade or Viscaria?

    LOL ;) Previously I actually believed that LJK was using an actual Alnade, given how close it is in composition to the Viscaria. But this pretty much confirms that anyone in the CNT who appears to use anything that seems similar to a Viscaria (Yasaka Alnade, Yinhe, Donic, etc.) is almost...
  9. Zhang Jike - News, Pics, Videos & more

    Sometimes we forget that these athletes have their own lives to live too. Often, table tennis isn't even their first choice of sport, but their physical talent and willpower saw them through a glorious career. You could make the same comment about Zhang Yining for example - she gave it all up...
  10. Miu Hirano changed to Viscaria?

    Incorrect actually, she used an Innerforce ZLC but with an unbranded Viscaria-style handle because she's not under contract with Butterfly at the moment.
  11. FS: Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto ALC FL 91g

    Definitely agree, it has this amazing versatility similar to the W968. Solid but soft touch, and yet massive pace when you need it.
  12. European Games 2019

    Falck out to Shibaev 4-0, didn't see that one coming! Also Apolonia losing again to someone much lower ranked - ever since I started noticing his name (perhaps around the time his blade came out), he pretty much hasn't beaten anyone interesting.
  13. Avalox p700

    I have a P700 from about 2011 or so and it is 6mm. Not sure if it has changed since then. TT11 says it's about 6.2mm.
  14. FS: Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto ALC FL 91g

    It is a perfect looping blade, but I don't really have the footwork to get in position well enough these days. Definitely made my looping higher quality though - feels pretty similar to the W968 but with more predictability (sort of like the Viscaria in that respect). I actually like the...
  15. FS: Butterfly Tomokazu Harimoto ALC FL 91g

    Hi everyone, Looking to sell my 91g Tomokazu Harimoto FL available. Perfect condition, tested for 1 session only, comes with box. $250 AUD. Photos available at the following links: and Shipping and PayPal fees excluded. Shipping from...
  16. Is Wang Chuqin sponsored by Butterfly?

    Maybe he really likes ZJK... Or he hits the table a lot... Or to keep his rubbers from curling up.
  17. Are all ALC blades the same?

    All this said, keep in mind that you are dealing with pieces of wood which are largely unprocessed, other than being sliced into the thin plys we use. Because oof this, you could literally buy 10 Viscarias made in the same year and each might still play slightly differently.
  18. Miu Hirano shoes

    Actually looks like pingiste is right - the shoes are two coloured, which matches the image at 1:27.