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  1. What do you think about my play? (Full Match Video)

    I think the Hurricane Long 5 and Hurricane 3 neo he's supposed to be using is fast and spinny enough, maybe too much so.
  2. Tips to improve footwork?

    But being serious, even if you don't have an official coach, there must be more senior players at the club who could help you out. I know there is a high chance that you might just be trolling everybody and definitely not be a pro player and not be practicing everyday, but even as a high school...
  3. Tips to improve footwork?

    I kinda like how you can practice for 5 hours a day but don't have a coach to help you with all these issues that you bring up the forum... So how or what exactly are you practicing again???
  4. Harimoto defeats Fan Zhendong | Asian Cup 2018

    Except his forehand is more powerful than almost all other Japanese players.
  5. Tibhar Evolution MX-S Alternatives?

    Really curious about this topic, are there any other viable alternatives? A tacky topsheet will still be fine.
  6. Best Rubber for Offensive Player

    You did forget the chilli sauce for turning the heat up.
  7. 1980ies Butterfly J-Pen blade

    If it's one ply, it should be hinoki
  8. The Making of Nittaku Premium 40+ Ball

    I just want to say thanks so much for translating all these videos for the TT community, they're really helpful.
  9. CNT trial for World Tours

    Zhao Zihao is also a really great penholder who's fun to watch.
  10. German Open 2018

    Congrats to Seyfried tho, he played really well.
  11. T League - Japan's New TT league

    Hopefully this league will develop into something great.
  12. Xu Xin's Equipment

    Wow the handle color looks funky.
  13. 1980ies Butterfly J-Pen blade

    It's a Lofric-S.
  14. European Players & Tacky Rubbers

    Out of curiosity, have there been any Chinese Provincial players who have moved out of China and switched to Tenergy?
  15. European Players & Tacky Rubbers

    With the traditional herbal Chinese medicine consumed over a decade that oozes out with your sweat and boosts your rubbers when you wipe it with your hands.
  16. European Players & Tacky Rubbers

    I guess outside of the ultra special National Hurricane 3 Neo that the top Chinese use there isn't any tacky rubber that can compete with Tenergy or Evolution or whatever rubber Non-Chinese pros are using. Sponsorships might also play a role but Butterfly and Tibhar (two main sponsors...
  17. ZHOU Yu new equipement

    I have read that Zhou Yu is now playing with the National Blue Sponge Hurricane on the Backhand, but it does seem that he is using a blue sponge euro/Japanese rubber instead, seeing that he still twiddles to the backhand side (black) when smashing.
  18. V

    Dear Mr Ives, I wonder who won the Stiga Infinity VPS and the Carbonado 45 signed by the...

    Dear Mr Ives, I wonder who won the Stiga Infinity VPS and the Carbonado 45 signed by the Chinese players at the Swedish Open? Best Regards, VSDG