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  1. New Equipment 2024

    The neo logo is from DHS so maybe it's just a bunch of familiar logos to lure in customers.
  2. New Equipment 2024

    New Rubber: 729 Friendship Battle 2 Neo
  3. 729 Battle 3 Provincial??

    Looks like the normal packaging
  4. Stuor long 5 or Sanwei/ Yinhe

    Also the rubbers on premades aren't the same, The loki rxton 3 is also a little livelier than the 5, hence a bit easier to play. If you want a faster more bouncy rubber the normal yinhe moon or palio ak47 might be a better fit
  5. Stuor long 5 or Sanwei/ Yinhe

    If this is your first custom racket I recommend you this: Blade: Sanwei Fextra 7 FH: Loki Rxton 3 BH: Yinhe Moon 12 blue
  6. NEW Gold Arc 9

    In my head it means price/performance, but now that I think more about it, I could be wrong
  7. Should I keep Telson China?

    Wow i have the exact same feeling about the CC. For under 10$ it's unbeatable.
  8. Should I keep Telson China?

    Send it back IMO Get a real long 5 or yinhe pro 05, love that one personally
  9. NEW Gold Arc 9

    Can someone campare it to yinhe moon 12 blue? I want to know if its worth a try. I really like moon 12 m+ as a bh rubber, because it's so stable and precise.
  10. Which Rubbers suit me?

    729 Battle 3 Plays like a boosted rubber, is durable, easy access to spin and speed. Easier to play than h3, more durable than esn hybrids, no need to boost.
  11. Anyone tried Sanwei AU Golden?

    Finally got back to try it. I didn't like it at all: it felt slow, not elastic, Almost like an Anti but with grip. The rubber is really dampening the impact. Worst rubber I bought so far. Don't know if I got a dud....
  12. Sanwei 75 inner vs DHS power g5x

    Oh wow, that's bad to hear. I have a black sheet here next to me, that has been on a racket I use to play outside and I'm surprised how well it held up. I haven't bought them in over a year, so maybe recently they suck. But thinking is: any of the popular 5$ rubbers will work for a beginner and...
  13. Sanwei 75 inner vs DHS power g5x

    Ok we must have had very different experiences with loki, because the sheets I played, rxton 1 and 3 didn't seem different in quality. Rxton 1 has the softer sponge and is easier to play than 3 on the backhand. Ak47 is also an good option, but I'd say rxton 1 has better durability. Ak47 is also...
  14. Sanwei 75 inner vs DHS power g5x

    If you're a beginner/intermediate level Player get the Sanwei Fextra 7. It's fast for allwood, plenty dwell feel and flex. If you get them with ca. 90gr and you'll have a very solid do it all offensive blade. It's only a bit slower than inner carbon but better feel. And it's super cheap. It...
  15. Sanwei 75 inner vs DHS power g5x

    What are you playing right now? Why do you want an inner carbon blade? I ask because most backhand dominant players tend to use outer carbon blades. The Sanwei 75 inner is a nice blade and I'd prefer it over the dhs pg5x, dhs has no good finish and qc on their blades. It's very stable and crisp...
  16. Cheap beginner/intermediate setup

    I would adive you to sped a little more onbthe blade and less on the rubbers. Sanwei Festra 7 Loki Rxton 1 both sides Depends on what you want to spend, but get the fextra. It's an amazing blade, best value IMO
  17. Two lefties playing doubles

    If one of you is backhand dominant its not as bad, most lefties I know are fh dominant so the statement above may not be true
  18. OX rubber blade

    Anything slow blade with hard outer plies will do. Tibhar stratus powerdefense Lion shield Are both really slow. Sword Subdue all+ Many LP ox players like balsa carbon blades, but I don't. Donic cayman is played by many pushblockers. But basically anything slow enough works, if you like the...
  19. Two lefties playing doubles

    Lefty lefty is really disadvantageous. You have to end the Rally quickly, because it's easy to abuse that setup during service. It's likely you'll be caught out of position if the rally goes on. So 3rd Ball attacks and good serves are most important.
  20. Hallmark Tactics LP OX or Sponge

    I played it in OX close to the table and found it very similar to dtecs OX but easier to attack. But still a defensive rubber. Dawei 388d-1 OX is much easier than both to control and attack