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  1. Why is this word banned?

    I had the case once, where I replied to a post which ended with "sent from my ayePhone X", etc. (the very thing this word exclusion is aimed to prevent, I think) and I can't tell why the post I was quoting made it through, but the simple fact that the word appeared in the quotation made my...
  2. Strategy for dealing with Harimoto's screaming

    Enough. You sure haven't done the work.
  3. Strategy for dealing with Harimoto's screaming

    Well again, I could push forward zyu81's approach here, as well as the martial arts analogy. Self-control and, if anything, learning to turn the tendency of your opponent to over-react against themselves. If a player gives all he has in his lungs after any given point, I am tempted to interpret...
  4. Strategy for dealing with Harimoto's screaming

    That is a fair point. I was more on the side of those who just want to let him be, but I am no fan of the generalisation of loud, systematic and uncontrolled choing in the sport, at times down to the lowest levels. It cheapens the truly great rallies which would (to me, anyway) warrant this kind...
  5. Upgrading Ak47 Yellow on FH

    The Target Pro are excellent, I would say do it if your game is mostly loop oriented. I tried all three rubbers (AK yellow, GT-43 and 47) repeatedly when my brother was doing changes, on a Hinotec Off and Virtuoso + so not too different from yours. Am also familiar with Vega Pro on Offensive S...
  6. New Equipment (Rubbers & Blades) 2020

    Nittaku Spintial (defensive JPN/CHN hybrid), Inception (German-made entry-level do it all) and Sieger (beast).
  7. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Righty-o! I just zoomed through Karratha on the Greyhound. Make sure you plunge into the Ningaloo Reef (Coral Bay), it's a wonder really, and next door to you in Australian terms. Slow currents in case you'd rather know, it is different from the Great Barrier in that you can just put your mask...
  8. Daily Table Tennis Chit Chat

    Carnarvon? I lived for three-and-a-half months there, took up fishing (and, ahem, goone) and had a blast. You can get a line, hook and a good old ten-inch diameter plastic wheel (reel if you will) in place of a fishing rod, whereby you just throw the line and draw it back in by hand. Feeling in...
  9. Omega 5 tour vs VEGA X

    That's a very good post, thanks.
  10. Qatar Open 2020

    Xu Yingbin against Wang Yang (and the scores!!), of all people. Wang has got to become the TTD mascot, or something. Power to him.
  11. Qatar Open 2020

    He set the ship right too when it comes to Cassin, after the recent upset (I read somewhere, even two in a row against him?) he adapted like the champ he is, in this tournament. Not even close. A walking encyclopedia of table tennis, poise and respect - hell of a guy, and may it continue...
  12. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    Kokutaku 868 (factory tuned for the closest results, the one with the ludicrous party cover) is really quite good, also KTL Rapid Speed. More recent ones like the 729 Presto tend to cost as much as the DNA you've found... I personally don't like the AK-47 (tried blue and yellow), the sponge is...
  13. MATCH OF THE SEASON! | TableTennisDaily Team | Ep 7

    More chilled and positive than the last one, if I can say so (which felt a little more American style warrior-movie like, whatever that means - no offense, anyone), I think it translated in the gameplay. Pure enjoyment. Really good stuff, editing, matches and of course the whole team!
  14. Darko Jorgic - best backhand ever?

    Not to hammer on the same point over and over again, but Gauzy really did collapse in that last game. Up what was it, 6 or 7-2, and two match points. Claimed a wet ball, or something, looking agitated. Hardly consistent, anyway. But yes, I kept wishing all match long he would hit the ball head...
  15. Darko Jorgic - best backhand ever?

    Yes on all points, especially the last sentence! And good summary from Carl.
  16. Darko Jorgic - best backhand ever?

    I do give him credit. A lot. I can also see how body mechanics could favour backhand whacks for some people whereas the forehand may be slightly more spin oriented, and not as decisive against choppers on high balls. I have been there myself at times, and I am not contending for legendary...
  17. Darko Jorgic - best backhand ever?

    I am with you. I agree his backhand is a blast in all senses of the word, but I don't see the logic in saying the fact he uses it where most people would go FH makes it the best in the world. It only says he is more confident with it than with his forehand.
  18. Need advice

    KTL Rapid Speed is a good rubber, two of these and a Gewo PowerAllround would fit within the budget. Alternatively, Friendship Super FX (from the ones I know). I have seen yogi recommend Sanwei Taiji T88, too. 1.8mm should do it, 2.0mm if he seems very loop oriented.
  19. Europe Top 16 Cup - 2020

    Gauzy plays better as the underdog. He is mostly about touch, magic, and being in a state of "flow". I think he would have done better if we had stuck with celluloid. His career is not over of course, but whenever he started to show signs of ruthlessness, it didn't last. Xu Xin, being a bit of...