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  1. Hugo Calderano - Tiger Ready to Pounce

    Feedback very welcome as there is always quite some room to improve ;)
  2. [Video] Ma Long -The Return of the Dragon (I Am King)

    Inspired by us being in Budapest during the WTTC, after the Liu Shiwen story, here ist Ma Longs. The video is told a little bit different than usual. It's not a straight line. Ma Long lost matches last year, he didn't lose before, at first Pitchford than Harimoto. Shortly after he couldn't...
  3. [Video] Table Tennis - The Smile You Bring

    That is a high compliment. Thank you :)
  4. [Video] Table Tennis - The Smile You Bring

    And the end :) It's awesome that his last game was filmed and I have to admit even more awesome what a goodbye he got by those fans. Fully deserved and as for him even a little bit to tear up. Usually I don't use clips this long but this has to be seen more.
  5. [Video] Table Tennis - The Smile You Bring

    Smile :) Feel free to enjoy and comment :)
  6. [Video] Liu Shiwen - Flower in Adversity

    Hi everyone, it took me only more than two years to do a new video. But as we've been in Budapest and I always liked Liu Shiwen, I really wanted to do a follow-up video to "Liu Shiwen - Rising to Golden Moments". So here it is, enjoy! For more information see the description of the video.
  7. [Video] The Calling (Preview WTTC 2017)

    Thank you! Me neither because I'll be there :)
  8. [Video] The Calling (Preview WTTC 2017)

    Thanks a lot! From time to time they see those. Some of my videos already got posted on the ITTF youtube channel :)
  9. [Video] The Calling (Preview WTTC 2017)

    Hi everybody, i've done a new video. Hope you enjoy. It took me a year to finally do another video. But well better late than never ;) For more information like song name or thoughts on why the video was done the way it was, feel free to ask or check the description of the youtube video.
  10. [Video] Ma Long - Visions of Destiny

    Well, depends ;) ITTF decided once to upload my Zhang Jike video also to their youtube channel and did it also on their youku account. Still, I don't know if professionals tend to watch videos about them. Interesting question in general you asked there (at least in my opinion :) )
  11. [Video] Ma Long - Visions of Destiny

    Sometimes I ask this question myself, what the players would think about these videos. Because they are only my perspective, of how I see their story and how it went. But Ma Long - at least before tournaments - never watches anything related to himself in the media. It's what he told in an...
  12. [Video] Ma Long - Visions of Destiny

    Welcome in 2016. The year of the Olympics. I wanted to start it with a new video. Enjoy. Ma Long finally claimed his title in the WTTC 2015. The first part of the video is his path till this tournament. His rising during the German Open 2005 against Timo Boll, the loss against Joo Sea Hyuk...
  13. [Video] Fan Zhendong - Ready Or Not

    Thanks a lot! This kind of feedback really keeps ones motivations going (besides of course the fun). And also thanks to all the others. It's awesome that you like the video(s) and can even find motivation in them.
  14. [Video] Fan Zhendong - Ready Or Not

    When I first heard the song this kind of video came immediately to my mind. And no other would have fit better than Fan Zhendong. So I took the weekend and did the video :) Hope you enjoy! (For more information such as song title, check the video description)
  15. [Video] Zhang Jike - The Path I Have Chosen

    Thanks a lot for pointing these out to me. Wouldn't find any alone :) Very much appreciated!
  16. [Video] Zhang Jike - The Path I Have Chosen

    Hi, feel free to do so. If you put credits visibily, I'd really like it. The idea sounds great. When you do, could you send me the link for the uploaded video? Thanks for the idea (Y) :) Best regards
  17. [Video] Zhang Jike - The Path I Have Chosen

    Thanks a lot! Also to the others. Feedback like this is very encouraging :)
  18. [Video] Zhang Jike - The Path I Have Chosen

    Hi everybody, a new video :) Hope you enjoy. This is a try of telling Zhang Jikes story so far. From his childhood training (the quotes in the first minutes are from Jike talking about the training with his father) till his biggest accomplishments. The second part is about the time when...
  19. Table Tennis - Dawn of a new age

    I did :) I posted the video here some time ago. Glad it's "rediscovered". And thanks for your compliment! It's encouraging. I kinda feel like I have to do another video soon. If you feel like it, check the other videos on the youtube channel as well. There are similar ones and other themed ones.
  20. [Video] Table Tennis Is Life

    Than I did everything right with this video :) Thank you and all the others for your great feedback. It's really appreciated and motivates :)