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  1. Is Harimoto's screams disrespectful to the opponent?

    I think he is not disrespectful at all. I hated the screaming in the beginning, but noticed that he has toned it down. Now I only find it only mildly annoying - rather whatever. I actually find Ovtcharov's moaning during play much more annoying - to a degree that it is sometimes almost...
  2. How do rubbers/sponges lose their life

    I have a spare racket with T05, probably 2 - 3 years old. Originally the rubbers were just a few weeks old, but I managed to make a big tear in the corner of the rubber, which I glued back again and kept the racket for serve and feeling practice at home :) It served me well and I used the black...
  3. not confortable at backhand

    I agree with lasta here, do not change the rubbers and get used to what you got now. You have played in a club for 2 years, that is not a long time. Serve receive is one of the hardest parts of the game, you will improve if you try go get out of your comfort zone. Not sure if you meant backhand...
  4. What sponge to use to apply glue?

    I have been using foam sponge brushes with wooden handles. The 1" width work very well for me, possibly wider ones like 2" are ok too. They can be found anywhere, ebay, aliexpress, amazon etc. I use one side of the sponge when applying on the rubber, turn it over and apply on the blade...
  5. Just tried the Hugo Calderano blade from Xiom, it feels pretty unique.

    You wrote a review on TTD and it was deleted?
  6. Neck pain

    Even though the reply that awakened this thread was most likely a bot, I think this made me discover it and read through all the excellent advice :) I too live a very much sitting life and sometimes experience neck pain.
  7. An idea to train on any table at home

    Pretty cool, well done!
  8. FS: Tennirobo table tennis robot

    Sold The item is sold
  9. TenniRobo - super table tennis robot in compact size

    I just wanted to add that this is a great and underestimated robot. The design may look deceptively simple, but it is definitely on par with advanced robots like Amicus etc. I think it is quite well thought out, reliable and easy to maintain. It works very well and is easy to set up. I believe...
  10. My way of cutting a rubber

    Good video, but would be even better if the part where you explain how to hold the blade was inside the camera view.
  11. Zoran Primorac vs TableTennisDaily’s Dan!

    I think this is the most serious match I have seen Dan play against a pro and Zoran made it look so effortless and at ease without being ridiculous. He is an incredible player. Great match, but the moaning really took a lot away from it. The moaning is still haunting me and will probably result...
  12. Joo Sae Hyuk spots 6 Points to a 2300 level Female Player 7 sets

    Nice stuff and fun match to watch. I remember watching a few Lee Hyo Sim videos about technique before, and she explains certain concepts very well.
  13. Best blade for ambitioned hobby players

    Donic Appelgren Allplay Senso V2 is one possibility. It is a light allround blade with good feedback. You can pair it with Xiom Vega Europe if you want to. Notice that this is a pretty light allround blade with good feedback and vibration. Some people prefer heavier blades with less vibration...
  14. Recommendation for 50 degrees hardness Rubber

    Interesting, what kind of discount?
  15. I need a faster blade

    Fextra is already a pretty fast blade. For me it is definitely faster than my regular setup with a Viscaria.
  16. I am 15 years old, what is the chance of becoming a professional?

    Sorry to disappoint you, but the chances of becoming a professional are almost none. If by professional you mean making a living from playing table tennis. That being said, you can still become quite good, if you are willing to play at least a couple of times a week in a decent club. However...
  17. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    Thanks guys, a lot of good suggestions in this thread :) Funny thing, I really recommended a beginner to spend around $40 on a decent Chinese blade with rubbers that have a little speed and some friction, but this was clearly too expensive. The person came back with a $10 racket from the recycle...
  18. Service practice time?

    I always did it for a few minutes before the training, after setting up the tables in my club.
  19. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    Thanks. Read your post about this rubber. It looks quite interesting. Still not able to find any price information, but hopefully it will cost less than €20. How do you think it would compare to Stiga DNA Future M, which right now can be bought for around €20? (normally around €30). Or even to...
  20. Decent Chinese rubbers that resemble European rubbers?

    Deja Vu, indeed ;) I guess I have not found any Chinese rubbers I really like to recommend, yet. Good point about just putting some old rubbers on a spare racket.