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  1. Tibhar Stratus Power Wood upgrade

    Ooooooooor you can try The Samsonov Stratus Carbon maybe ?
  2. Donic Original True Carbon differences in production?

    Where you command ? Can you get a refund or return it ?
  3. DHS H3 vs Yasaka Rakza Z

    Ok because Japanese sponge in max is like 2.1mm or 2.15mm generally like Max G-1 Or Tenergy !
  4. DHS H3 vs Yasaka Rakza Z

    What is the thickness of the MAX version btw ? 2.15 or 2.2mm maybe ? For Rakza Z.
  5. The fall of FZD ?

    Do you think Fan Zhendong era is over or he is just little tired and he gonna shine again ?
  6. New member of the Sanwei 75 series, RED arylate carbon. What do you think?

    It's funny when the description of ALC blade with kiri is : " made for loop " Funny because it's generally hard to loop with carbon blade over a classic 5 ply with limba...
  7. Soft rubber for backhand

    You play with Hybrid mk ? It's softer topsheet right ?
  8. Soft rubber for backhand

    You have plenty of choice ! Maybe T05 fx, Acuda s2, Rakza 7 soft or Andro R2 will be fine for you ;-)
  9. Hello from France!

    Where u play in France ?
  10. Are French people paying attention to the French team at WTTTC 2024?

    How many tennis players break their rackets? Yell at the referee etc... It's normal in a sport as tense and mental as ping to lose your nerves sometimes :-) It's simply human, we don't all have the legendary calm of Chinese players!
  11. Primorac Carbon & Rozena

    I dont doubt about your sincerity but its really strange a pro-player play with a off- 5 ply in this ERA. Most of young student in my club ( around 13-15 years ) play with 7 ply like clipper or slow ALC blade already and they abble to control it :)
  12. Primorac Carbon & Rozena

    What ? I dont think that about Kallberg :)
  13. Share your Racket's Photo

    Great collection ! And your main blade is still the Person Powerplay ? :)
  14. Any advices for my forehand Topspin?

    Maybe you have to rotate more, you lost energy but you have good technic I think !
  15. Looking upgrade of Tibhar Lebesson

    I just want the same blade with extra speed but not too much !