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  1. TTD Competition - World Championships 2017!

    Men's Singles Champion: Fan Zhendong Women's Singles Champion: Ding Ning
  2. Win a FREE Rubber from! BLACK MAX I want try a chinese tacky rubber
  3. Win a JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade signed by Quadri Aruna!

    I think Aruna won the match 11-3
  4. Training videos

    you're doing really good videos
  5. Win a signed Butterfly Tiago Apolonia ZLC blade!

    Men's Singles: Gold - Ma Long Silver - Dimitrij Ovtcharov Bronze - Zhang Jike Women's Singles: Gold - Ding Ning Silver - Li Xiaoxia Bronze - Feng Tianwei
  6. Where Can You Watch the Table Tennis Rio Olympics 2016 Live?

    You can watch it on Eurosport
  7. Ask Michael Maze a question on the TTD podcast!

    1. How old were you when u started to play table tennis? 2. Do you boost your rubbers? 3. Is professional players equipment better than equipment what we can buy in shops?
  8. Any advice on setup??

    U can try with rakza 7 on fh
  9. 3 star 40+

    2 out of 5 rating for 3 star 40+ I dont like this balls. They have bad durability and they are too soft for me. I do not recommend.
  10. Genius

    4 out of 5 rating for Genius Genius is medium speed. Its slower than rakza 7. It has got good spin and control. It have good catapult (but lower than rakza 7 ). Its good for all styles. I played with it on Zoran Primorac OFF-. I was happy with it :) Photos:
  11. Rakza 7

    5 out of 5 rating for Rakza 7 Rakza 7 is fast and spinny rubber. Its quite hard. Its good forehand rubber but you can use it on backhand too. In 2mm sponge is very balanced. Its good really good in block I use it on both sides on Butterfly Zoran Primorac OFF- and I am happy with it :)
  12. Primorac

    5 out of 5 rating for Primorac Its really good blade for beginners but better players will be happy with it too. I think speed is all+ not Off-. It has good control and medium speed. Its medium hard. I am happy with it :)
  13. Chinese Team - Bat pictures!

    Ding Ning stiga ebenholz nct v , DHS Hurricane 8
  14. so far the best video fotage of tt ever.

    Zhang Jike slow motion
  15. Introduce yourself to the forum! :)

    Hi. I am Jacob. I play 3 years. My best achievement is beat my dad :P