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  1. Win a signed blade by Waldner! (XMAS Comp 2014)

    I think there there were 139 successful shots
  2. Win a pair of STIGA Instinct shoes today!

    Deadline: Deadline for entries is August 16th 2014 18:00 pm GMT Lol
  3. Win a pair of STIGA Instinct shoes today!

    I think Dan won this math!
  4. China Super League (CTTSL) 2014 Finals stream
  5. Win a Free Blade from I want to play with this blade because : Looks awesome . Looks like its REALLY fast . Has 7 layers . This blade is used by Ma Long . And i want to try this DHS blade. :D
  6. Win a Limited Edition STIGA Emerald Blade!

    I think there are 16 years between the signing of STIGA's Liu Guoliang and Xu Xin.
  7. Win a Stiga Infinity Blade + TTD T-Shirt!

    I think that Fan Zhendong will win the Asian Cup
  8. WIN signed infinity blade by Fan Zhendong!

    I think the ball is number 3
  9. Ma Lin & China team

  10. Tenergy 99 !!

  11. Chinese Team Selection WTTC 2013 [Eng Subs]

    some stuff about Trials and chinese players .
  12. The Ma Long Serve (NEW)

    stay tuned . I will upload more interesting videos :)
  13. Is hurricane 3 neo still playable without tuning?

    they is slow , really slow :D . every player who played with me saidthat :D .
  14. The Ma Long Serve (NEW)

    10-24-2012 i think :D
  15. New: Tribute to Timo Boll

    nice complimation :)
  16. The Ma Long Serve (NEW)

    Check out a recent video of Ma Long serve practicing :)
  17. 5 key points to become a great TT player (Video)

    sh*t ;D im not left handed , penholder , butterfly, and asian :(
  18. Liu Guoliang warms up with Wang Hao

    And another XMzk2MDM1MDk2]