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  1. Anyone try Spin Mystic Rubber?

    The biggest problem with the premades is that you usually can't get the rubber off of them to replace it! I have a few expensive blades now (Viscaria, Acoustic, Acoustic inner carbon -- my current), and they are honestly the best I've used of the 15 or so I've bought, although that Viscaria...
  2. Anyone try Spin Mystic Rubber?

    I bought a blade with rubber as well....but didn't like it. It was the Rally Bandit. I thought the combo didn't feel lively enough for me, aka dead/muted, but maybe good for control...? I let my friend play with it and he liked it so much that he bought it off me. He didn't have much...
  3. Anyone try Spin Mystic Rubber?

    It is ITTF certified according to their website. I’ve used lots of rubbers. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, as it looks, acts, and feels like other ITTF rubbers.
  4. Anyone try Spin Mystic Rubber?

    Oh, and I've been told the rubber isn't heavy. I am not weight sensitive at all, so I don't notice it, but people who have tried my setup have said that. Not sure it's light, but it's not heavy like H3.
  5. Anyone try Spin Mystic Rubber?

    I'm an EJ that has tried quite a few rubbers, and my favorite is Spin Mystic (SM) from They are a US company that design (spec'ed out?) rubbers and blades and have them made in China. I'm about 1300 level 53 year old guy...