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  1. WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2024 06/11-16

    I think it's the same for a lot of countries.. So everything seems balanced :D
  2. 2024 WTT Contender Zagreb, Croatia June 3-9

    T1 seems to back now.
  3. Is D09c bad for brush-looping?

    As a long-time user of hard tacky rubbers I really can relate to the OP. I've been playing with Battle 2 (normal -> Prov -> Nat) for a long time. And I've also tried multiple rubbers (including D09C) and most of them do not feel the same on brush loop. I think being used to a...
  4. Who are the most powerful shake FH loopers of all time?

    Chen Qi hands down. Just watch his match against Joo for example.. and that's with the old ball.
  5. ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships Finals Busan 2024

    So now we need Korea to beat China, then Taipei to beat France. Then Taipei to put Chuan as a 3rd player and basically the match that decides the Title to be between LSS and CCY :)
  6. fastest serve
  7. LEGIT ?

    Yep - multiple times - no problems with them :)
  8. WTT Star Contender Goa 2024

    I enjoy watching Oh Junsung this tournament :) Although not the same - his style is somehow similar to his father's style. Also a very fluid and enjoyable BH - just very nice to watch :)
  9. High friction LP for chopping

    Curl P4 - from my experience - very sensitive. If you can tame the 1.5 mm version you'll be able to generate a ton of your own spin for sure. I've played with it for quite some time and in terms of spin generation I would say that the next step would be SP. But SP is a very different beast so...
  10. Common TT injuries

    Wrist, elbow, shoulder and knee. I've had pretty much all of them (both knees too :(). For me personally the wrist and elbow ones where a result of very incorrect technique (cause they developed while I was working on a specific combination) - fixed the technique and never had the same problems...
  11. WTT Finals Men Doha 2023

    I've been in awe of this particular shot of Ma Long for quite some time. I'm not sure any other player attacks such short balls with his forehand with such consistency. I think Felix tries this too (but his grip is better suited for this though so can't really compare)..
  12. WTT Finals Men Doha 2023

    Use a free VPN addon directly in the Google Chrome (installed as an Extension from the Chrome market - search there) - there's a ton of them - you should find one that works for you :)
  13. WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023

    For me a French VPN does the job :(
  14. WTT Champions Frankfurt 2023

    I don't see a stream on Youtube at all.. and the WTT says I can't watch (although I didn't see any broadcaster for Bulgaria..)
  15. How does a semi-pro make money playing TT?

    There are some answers in this video: Iba is a professional TT player that basically tics all the boxes of the topic starter.
  16. Best Chinese Alternatives to D09c Tier List

    Nice list! Somehow seems Loki-biased a little 😅 Also I don't get what's the problem with the throw angle of B2 (I find it super comfortable to use, it's like a proper chinese rubber, not some mushy tensor 😆 ). I'm pretty sure that the throw angle also is heavily affected by the blade..
  17. Anybody ever fixed air bubble on topsheet?

    No - I don't boost rubbers :) It became very lively after the third session and I liked it very much. I played with it for three weeks - 2-3 times a week, mostly matches (I'm no pro :)). After the third week the ball started to slip off on some shots (it was bizarre cause sometimes it was fine...
  18. Anybody ever fixed air bubble on topsheet?

    I will pop in this thread just to say that I've also encountered a bubble problem on the TDE. And also I've read about such problem.. I'm pretty sure (even more - I have an unofficial confirmation) that they (Victas) have a problem with this rubber. It's a pity cause the rubber is great after it...
  19. WTT Contender Zagreb 2023

    Miu Hirano does it!
  20. What company would you like to be sponsored by?

    I would love to be sponsored by 729. I have some historical love for the Brand (some of the first rubbers, etc.. and still use the B2 too).