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  1. Friendship 729 battle 3

    Yeah, on the backhand. The rubber is around 47 degrees ESN hardness.
  2. Friendship 729 battle 3

    I play victas v11 extra on my carbospeed. It’s light, quite spinny and more than fast enough on the carbospeed.
  3. Ovtcharov Carbospeed

    Review by 'PickleRick' on item 'Ovtcharov Carbospeed'

    I’m approximately rated USATT 2100 and I play offensive in both sides. I’m good at the spin game and my backhand is way better than my forehand. With my forehand I struggle in open play because of my weak footwork. When I don’t have the time I struggle to bring power into my loops. I rely on my...
  4. Friendship 729 battle 3

    I tested Battle 3 (39°) yesterday on an innerforce ZLC blade and it did certain things very well (serves/powerlooping against backspin and active blocking) but I did not like it in open rally play. Maybe it was the combination with the softer blade but I had a hard time to put pressure on my...
  5. I bought a Viscaria as a begginer. Here's what it did to me and my thoughts on the subject.

    It's a fairly pointless discussion. Everyone should obviously do what they feel like doing. I can only answer from my own perspective. I myself have been playing table tennis for 25 years and my level is around 2100 USATT if the conversion tables of rankings are to be believed. When I played at...
  6. Defensive blade with double inverted

    Thanks for all the replies. They were all really helpful. I’m going to go forward with my plan and I’m going to give it a go. I believe the change in playstyle could give me some more fun and variation in the game. And it could help me to stay at a decent level, even as I get older and slower...
  7. Defensive blade with double inverted

    Hi all. I’m table tennis player from Europe who is playing for +-20 years. Its hard to convert my rating to USATT but I’m pretty sure it’s above 2000. My play style is pretty offensive, my game is centered around my serve and heavy spin. I mainly win points with my serve and third ball...
  8. Lost in choice of rubber

    I know someone with a similar play style as you. He plays with a butterfly tackiness C on backhand and joola express ultra short pips on forehand.
  9. Lost in choice of rubber

    Hi Jurgen, I took a look at your results and rating on the website of the Belgian table tennis federation. I don’t think tenergy 05 is the right choice for your play style and level. A blade in the allround category and more forgiving rubbers would be a better choice. As some people suggested...
  10. DIGNICS 09C | 5 Things You NEED To Know

    Too early to tell.These are pictures of my rubbers after approximately 25 hours of play against a robot. As you can see there are already some obvious wear marks. The discolorations on the red rubber already happened after a few hours of play. I guess it happened because I have the bad habit of...
  11. Applegreen Allplay or Timo Boll ALC? (+ rubbers?)

    Counter looping consistently with FH and BH in a match situation is super advanced. I don't know any intermediate player who does that. Even the best players from the clubs I play in just block or punch most of the time. Consistent high quality loop against loop rallies in matches are quite...
  12. Applegreen Allplay or Timo Boll ALC? (+ rubbers?)

    Not my experience. A big majority of the intermediate players I know play with an allwood blade. And rightly so, a flexible allwood blade is a lot easier to handle than a stiff carbon blade for most players.
  13. Recommend a forehand rubber

    I think you will play just fine with any of the rubbers you mentioned. I would just choose the one with the biggest discount.
  14. Sweden Extra

    5 out of 5 rating for Sweden Extra Well, after buying and playing with multiple fast expensive blades like Viscaria, Vega Pro and Liu Shiwen I wanted to know how I would play with the cheapest blade I could find. I played three league matches with it and I came to the conclusion that I play...
  15. Sweden Extra

    Review by 'PickleRick' on item 'Sweden Extra'

    Well, after buying and playing with multiple fast expensive blades like Viscaria, Vega Pro and Liu Shiwen I wanted to know how I would play with the cheapest blade I could find. I played three league matches with it and I came to the conclusion that I play better with the Yasaka Sweden Extra...
  16. Help with a downgrade from Timo Boll ALC to an All wood blade

    I'll share my experience about "downgrading": I'm playing table tennis for about 15 years. I have no USATT-rating since I play in Belgium but it should be more than 2000 according to various sources.The last 5 years I have played with a Butterfly Liu Shiwen blade and a Xiom Vega Pro blade. I...
  17. Thoughts on my new set-up - Tibhar Techno Power Contact

    Yeah, your question is kind of pointless. You already bought a setup and you ask us what we think of it. Maybe you could play with your new set-up and see for yourself? Bye.
  18. Is this a custom Viscaria?

    Yes, I did. Oh well, I’ll keep it. Maybe one day I will like light blades.
  19. "Beginner equipment that also suits the new polyball playing strategies"

    He will be fine with such a setup. Maybe take a non-tacky rubber for his backhand instead of the Hurricane 3. Rubbers that come to my mind are Xiom Vega Intro or Yasaka Mark V. Every table tennis brand has entry-level rubbers so you'll have plenty of choice.
  20. Opinions on Set Up (Beginner)

    Your blade is quite fast for a beginner. If your setup is too fast you can glue the xiom rubbers on your yinhe blade. That should be a more controllable setup for a beginner.