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  1. Recommend cushion insoles for tt shoes?

    I have DR Scholl in my sports shoes, they are heavy but ok
  2. Good source of insoles for sport shoes

    what is dm?
  3. Palio AK47 appreciation topic

    I think its one of the best rubbers for beginners BH. The top sheet is quite spin insensitive but still can produce reasonable amount of spin.
  4. How to return a forehand loop with side spin away from you

    I usually just lightly slap them. I highly encourage to fund a player who can do the sidespin balls repeatedly a beer and ask him to feed you balls. I encourage you to try different things. In my opinion slapping it firmly is good option. Doing a counter side spin top spin is also good option...
  5. Post your latest EJ purchase

    That is really interesting, for me K3 is almost no effort and stupid spin.
  6. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    BTW it being a thick table, took us 4 people to move the thing. I did assembly it myself though.
  7. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    If you want the best table for money (for a lot of money though) Tibhar Smash 28 mm. For my purposes SanEi all star is more than good enough.
  8. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    Sorry for missinformation. I did not think there had more than one model with the same name. Here is assembly video.
  9. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    Nope. I got allstar. Its thicker.
  10. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    4 bolts and putting feet inside the holes.
  11. Best table for the money (w/minimal or pre-assembled)?

    I have Tibhar San-Ei and I cannot complain much.
  12. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    Welp. I get you. But the same machine. Physically the same robot, that stuttered a lot of poo orange balls by Joola, moderately stuttered with Huieson do not stutter as much and keep tempo with Tibhar ***.
  13. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    Maybe its matter of the PCV compound :/
  14. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    But as I said, get a good hard af balls for the first robot, and it is not that bad.
  15. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    What I meant is users, that were helpful in finding and diagnosing the issues with the first one.
  16. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    Facebook owners group / emailing them issues / I dunno.
  17. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    They picked the more active users from first rollout.
  18. Joola Infinity Robot 2.0

    I had similar issues. The thing is.. I gave the robot to my coach for testing. He did shove a bunch of 3 star balls tibhar competition, and it is working really good apparently...
  19. Longevity of Hybrid rubbers

    I did buy K3 from the coach, and fml. This rubber is so, so, good. I got it for 30€ used or so. I hope it is not as bad durability as mentioned here.