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      Quote Originally Posted by unknown_poster View Post
      Any idea why the (North) Korea Open is not being streamed given that it is a Pro Tour event ?

      I would have loved to take a peak behind the Axis of Evil but I know they display beautiful stadiums for outside world

      You could always fly over there. getting in thee is the easy part if there is such a thing, but LEAVING that sucka might prove to be a more difficult task.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Tinykin View Post
      Every country in the world has unsanctioned or the equivalent tournaments.
      In England for example, one only needs TTE approval if you want to run it as a 'starred' event. That is, you may want your tournament to affect player ratings.
      I personally have run several open tournaments on a very local level.
      But sanctioned events are good in that the organisers then have standards to meet and are covered and are supported by Table Tennis England in case of any incidents. I see no need for all this boycott nonsense.
      IMO it is extremely important that players boycott sanctioned tournaments, because this would force national associations to find other & permanent means of funding. In USA for example , the 2015 SC State Championships is over $3000 in prize money. For this USATT wants $300 and why ? Are you joking ? We get nothing in return

      You obviously conveniently want everyone to ignore my explanation. The sanctioning fee is not just the issue. USATT wants everyone to be USATT members at $49 per year. For this again a player absolutely gets nothing in return. They used to have a print magazine and that had been discontinued. Ok you say a player gets ratings HA HA but that is not free and costs $7 not per year but per tournament. Does it make any sense for a new player to pay this ? Very few players at HTTTC want to join USATT and I do not blame them at all.

      I can give away the sanctioning fees as prizes instead. I can process the ratings of the tournament as USATT league ratings.
      We follow the standards of USATT rules etc except the rules that are clearly oppressive & moronic such as the Scholer-Hodges Aspect Ratio Rule

      Many of the tournament directors don't understand all this . They are for some irrational reason under the assumption that they can only run sanctioned tournaments or USATT will send them to jail or something.
      These tournament directors try to force players to become USATT members and they lose participants.

      I admit I have a personal agenda with the Scholer-Hodges Aspect Ratio rule and trying to put USATT in an awkward position for refusing to give exception to this rule, which I requested (so I can run a sanctioned tournament) & was refused. Individual associations like USATT have latitude on enforcing ITTF rules & in supposedly the most free nation like USA, it is a shame and disgrace that USATT insists on enforcing such an extremely oppressive rule like this.

      I admit my agenda but I doubt you will admit yours which is your future political positioning with ETTA. Of course you won't admit it like Rev. Larry Hodges won't.

      I hope tournament directors see where I come from and where you come from and do the right thing for the sport.
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