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    I agree a lot with your analysis, aerial.

    When you play someone rated over 2000, if the gap is more than 400 pts , it really begins to get ugly really fast if the person plays a modern looping or attacking style as 2000 is about the level where serve and serve return have been sufficiently prioritized to reduce errors and capitalize on low quality balls. David could be as high as 2200 for all I know and it wouldn't matter almost whatever you served, he can attack it and use you for practice in short pushing. You don't have great serving technique so your shorter serves have low spin and bounce high which is a bad combination. Longer serves are not fast or deep enough and still lack enough spin to make David hesitate. So I am not sure why he asked you to post this.

    That said, it might be a good starting point for showing you the kinds of serves and returns you need to develop someday. I tell people that being able to serve the short heavy backspin serve is a standard requirement for looping table tennis. It is the one serve that some players do not try to devastate without regard for human life. Even if a little high, the spin can protect you against overrated players.

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