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    Thread: Help on my BH

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      Help on my BH

      Hey all. I need help adjusting my bh, I noticed I have a tendency to take the ball on my bh quite late, resulting in inconsistent shots even though my bh form is almost down pat. I've tried moving closer to the table and taking the ball top of the bounce, but then my shots kept hitting the net. I was using mk5 soft on my bh with Avalox Blue Thunder 550, just swapped it out for Skyline2 Neo in hopes of fixing my bh. I reasoned that since my fh is very Chinese-y, my bh may be as well.
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      Are you talking about BH looping or driving? Speaking from experience, most of my issues of the same nature are caused by improper body positioning - BH shots have a very narrow pocket where strokes are efficient and consistent. This is unlike FH strokes, where you have a larger pocket and can get away with out of position shots. Next time you play, maybe try and be extra conscious of where you're lining the ball up in a left-to-right sense. If you're inconsistent in this or if you find yourself taking the ball more than about 3" to the left or right of your sternum, this could be the cause of your inconsistency. If you want more specific help, providing a video may be more helpful and allow the more experienced guys and girls here to see the issue. Best of luck!

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      Without video, it is hard to get proper feedback.
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      If i understood right you are saying that because the balls are hitting the net you changed rubber to fix that? I dont think thats the right desicion. You should try to fix that with angle of your racket opening and angle or the stroke-plane not with material change

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