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      Best Table Tennis Table AND dinner table?

      I am moving to a new apartment and want to use half a table tennis table as my dinner table (with a tablecloth of course!), so that I can easily put the other half down to play. I want to find a table that doesn't have much metal stuff under the table, so that sliding chairs in under the table isn't too hard. The best one I've found seems to be the Butterfly Compact 19, since the legs look like they won't get in the way of chairs. Has anyone else done this? Are there any better models?

      I was able to get a great deal on the Butterfly Compact 19 from edgeballtabletennis.com, and the owner (who I know personally, he's based in Chicago) was really helpful at finding me a table I could pick up in under 12 hours notice. Yes, I promised him I'd write him a good review... but he deserves it. He puts in a lot of hard work for his customers.

      Looking forward to hearing responses! I'll upload some pictures of the table in my new apartment once I get there. Cheers! Jasper

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      Sounds interesting. Good luck!
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      Why not just get a centerfold and cover it ( with a nice cover)? Like a fold-away bed. And buy a dinner table.

      Also, how many flights of stairs do you have to climb? I remember moving up 4 flights of stairs heavy couches and that was a #+%#@%!

      You also have a few clubs now in the city (way more than when I lived there).

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      Centerfold is sturdy enough to sleep on top of, dance on top of, throw protest rallies on top of, and host a small rock band on top of.
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