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      Quote Originally Posted by TurboZ View Post
      LGL told us in a TV interview that he did not think ZJK can make it and actually expect him to have an early exit since his form was very bad before OG. ZJK did not get proper training because of interruption of injury and fear of making it worst while ML had all the systematic training according to plan. LGL and ZJK himself knew it best and after first game with ML he pretty much gave up trying and save himself for Team and avoid over stressing his body.

      From the ITTF video before the game, when every player said ML is the winner, ZJK hesitate and said "Sorry...I don't know". That is enough said about his confidence. I don't think ZJK had ever expected to beat ML in his situation for real. Double Grand Slam is pretty much a wishful thinking by media propaganda and fans, not ZJK himself I am afraid.

      What surprise us all including LGL was that ZJK start off 100% with no reserve from the very first ball against CCA. He was proud to say that he had played better than London except Final. He help China won all medals possible without losing to foreigner. He had completed the mission impossible with no regret. What's done is done. No need to find any excuse for him because he really needs none.
      Thanks a lot for the info about the whole LGL-ZJK situation & very well said about the most clutch player in the history of TT

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