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      Another returning to the game

      Hello guys,
      I haven`t played seriously for about 10 years. I decided to play
      again two times a week and I need some help to choose my new equipement.
      I think that I`m around intermediate leve (I have a year and a half with a coach). Back there my forehand rubber
      was Sriver Fx, I cant rememeber all the rest. I play offensive forehand with loops and more defensive
      and blocking backhand.
      The budget is below 100$, I don`t want to buy very expensive gear because I am not professional.

      What do you think about some of these:
      blade: Galaxy 896
      Galaxy W-6
      Yasaka / Sweden Extra
      I read good reviews about Stiga blades but I`m not sure if they are any better than these above

      FH: Galaxy Big Dipper
      BH: dawei 2008 xp
      Palio CJ8000 Biotech
      Friendship/729 Focus 3 Snipe

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      Welcome back! My single advice would be to try out as much things as possible before you commit your $$. I don't know about price levels in BG and know nothing about Galaxy blades, but where I live (shop) I'd go for a good all-wood allround frame. Many are available in the range around €25-€30, leaving you about €70-€75 for a pair of rubbers.

      The Friendship Focus III "Snipe" is a fun rubber, but it's up to you to control it. Much wilder than Sriver FX, I'd say. I don't know the Palio rubbers either. You won't go wrong with Sriver, Mark V, or one of the more restrained tensors. In the longer term you may want something speedier and spinnier, but I'm of the school of thought that puts the player's technical development first. Myself, I hadn't played for 30+ years, and it took many months of training to get consistency up to a level sufficient to start deploying the more dangerous explosives.

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      Blade cornilleau aero off+ soft carbon
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      Galaxy W-6 blade is off- type of blade with great control. Not fast.
      I also can recommend Stiga offensive classic - great blade , not fast and not expensive.

      I personally do not like chinese "euro" style rubbers. They lack power and spin.
      If you are regular euro style player just get some inexpensive tensor rubbers like Xiom vega PRO (harder+faster) or Europe (softer + slower) or any other that you see on sale. for the beginning it will be more than enough.

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      You have done your research well.

      Galaxy 896 and W6 are decent blades for a very affordable price.

      Yasaka Sweden Extra is an Excellent All+ blade.

      If you like hard rubbers like H3, Big Dipper is pretty okay.

      For a very inexpensive rubber that is still pretty good, Dawei 2008XP is an amazing deal.

      Budget blade: Galaxy 896 with 2008XP on both sides. A little more, putting Big Dipper on FH as you are thinking would be a good idea.

      Same rubbers on the Yasaka Sweden Extra would be a little more expensive but an excellent upgrade. W6 would be a little less of an upgrade than Sweden Extra. But still is a little better than 896.

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      Galaxy 896 or W6 with XP 2008 in 2.2 medium had sponge will be super. Middle of the road on power, spin, speed, but very high on control. I used XP2008 on my BH for years before becoming a Nexy Pimp.
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      Welcome back to the game! A lot of people lately seem to be coming back into TT after a long break. Great to see. Already excellent advice here to work with. Good luck with your return and have fun!

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      Thank you, guys!
      I found yasaka sweden extra here just 5 dollars more than W-6 so I will go with the yasaka blade with big dipper on forehand. Dawei 2008 xp is not available in Bulgaria, I will try the Palio CJ8000 - it's 10 dollars here.

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