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But if you don't feel pain on the arc or anywhere between the heel and the toes, and instead that you feel pain between the Achilles tendon and the back side of the heel, then its an inflamation of the achilles tendon and usually is caused by overstressing the tendon, shoes are not very guilty for that. In both cases you must rest and the best is to visit a doctor for proper diagnoses, treatment and advices.
As someone who has suffered an Achilles Tendon rupture, I cannot stress enough how important it is to make 100% sure this does not happen. Think about 6 weeks of total immobilisation + 3 months of hard recovery even with a very good physio + about 2-3 years of fairly frequent pain + in most cases some kind of lifelong aftermath.
Do. Not. Treat. This. Lightly.

You do not want to have to learn how to walk again at 30+