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    World's Longest Table Tennis Rally (FULL VERSION)

    Hi guys, so after a lot of requests I have finally managed to render the grueling 8 hour, 40 minute video! My laptop took a bit of a beating producing this video

    Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the World Record for the Longest Table Tennis Rally broken by myself and my father Peter Ives. We both have repetitive strain injuries now from the knock on effect of this record. The last 18 months I have had tendinitis in my forearm, the joys of breaking the record

    Got 8 hours to spare? Here's the video in its full flow!

    Video is processing and should be live on Youtube in 2 hours time...

    Thanks to everyone who supported and helped raise over £1700 to prostate cancer charity! We want to give a huge thanks to the team of Sam Hamilton, Dave Cochrane, Daniel Ives, Peter Ives, Vincent McAneney, Peter Davies in making this event record and to STIGA for sponsoring the event!

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