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    Special Aurus

    So upon browsing the net for Aurus pictures, I stumbled upon these...
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    Translated by Google
    TIBHAR AURUS DRAGON is the latest in the AURUS family.
    AURUS series of rubber are used ITTF RUBBER registration number 74-001 of the glue,
    But according to the sponge soft and hard nature and the bubble state of the different AURUS SOUND,
    From the listing timing, AURUS slightly asked the city than the TIBHAR Q series;
    From the appearance of the face of rubber, AURUS and Q series is just TIBHAR sets of plastic varieties of watershed.
    Prior to the AURUS series, TIBHAR's anti-adhesive rubber had a high degree of transparency,
    The particles below the gelatin are clearly visible.
    And from the Q series began, the transparency of the gum significantly reduced,
    Basically can not see the particle arrangement state,
    Fans friends are accustomed to this opaque state called plastic feeling too heavy.
    In fact, even high-purity natural rubber can also be through the additive to make the transparency decreased,
    Similarly, a high proportion of synthetic rubber can also be equipped with a high degree of transparency of rubber products,
    The level of transparency and the proportion of natural rubber and no absolute correlation.
    TC-1 and DRAGON AURUS series is more recent products,
    Common features are advertised for the habits of users in China,
    With a different sponge before, to strengthen the performance of power.
    TC-1 sponge hardness is Germany Department of 45 degrees, DRAGON is Germany Department of 47.5 degrees,
    For such a sponge hardness with, I used to 47.5 degrees set of plastic is defined as forehand use,
    45 degrees set of plastic is defined as positive and negative can be used, the trial hit,
    I will be based on this principle will be deployed in the forehand DRAGON, TC-1 placed in the backhand,
    Try to play the floor is TIBHAR COMBAT pure wood seven folder board.
    Before describing the feelings, I briefly explain the characteristics of COMBAT this floor.
    COMBAT inherited the habit of TIBHAR system board,
    Timber direction from outside to inside and then the order is: straight horizontal straight straight.
    The overall structure of a large number of straight arrangement makes this floor, although the seven folder pure wood structure,
    But has a considerable overall deformation of the deformation of the handle,
    And will not be the same as the traditional spruce five folders are prone to empty the sense of hitting,
    Very suitable for those who love to have a sense of whipping the ball, or used to withdraw from the power to play the ball to win the game to use.
    Simple definition of COMBAT is a good sense of the ball feel good, strong and solid.
    Before playing AURUS DRAGON,
    I have used TIBHAR company's rubber for a long period of time,
    Including EVOLUTION series, earlier use Q series rubber,
    AURUS DRAGON feel and the ball with the nature of similar 1Q,
    Pop-up speed close to the ball track is also a low-level type of bias,
    But the ball feel more stiff and solid, which may be caused by differences in sponge hardness.
    I then explain this step: 1Q is 45 degrees sponge,
    Bread hardness and sponge hardness almost,
    So the ball hit the glue and then penetrate into the sponge force transmission more direct;
    AURUS DRAGON sponge is 47.5 degrees,
    Bread and sponge hardness is similar,
    So the ball hit the glue and then penetrate into the sponge force transmission is also more direct.
    Both are very straight through the board of the transfer feel (another argument is feel very linear),
    But the softness of the two there is a fundamental difference,
    Therefore, from a control point of view,
    AURUS DRAGON and 1Q have excellent control,
    But AURUS DRAGON more stiff.
    In the ball ability, thin friction AURUS DRAGON slightly worse than 1Q,
    Of course, and EVOLUTION series of sections,
    But the ball covered with a sense of YAKASA RAKZA7 is very similar to a strong sense of throughput,
    From this point of view and EVOLUTION slightly hysteresis of the ball feel very different,
    It is more straightforward. Due to the difference between the ball,
    AURUS DRAGON overall feel with this two years
    Most of the cake sponge rubber products compared with a more obvious difference.
    AURUS DRAGON in the packaging to add a lot of Chinese elements,
    There are the Temple of Heaven, there are dragon, performance introduction which is also particularly stressed that the design for the Chinese players.
    A reference to the Chinese players, most people will think of the next subconscious strength,
    Strong power output dominated the game's life and death decision,
    But careful study of this rubber performance index,
    It is straightforward to discuss the ability to control this project is right.
    The speed values ​​117 are the same as 1Q,
    The rotation value 112 is between 1Q and 5Q,
    Control capability 100 is much higher than 1Q with 5Q of 85 and 90.
    Although the fans friends know the official data for reference only,
    But AURUS DRAGON in the control capacity does have a better performance,
    The length of the ball and the direction of the control are more accurate,
    But the control does not seem to strengthen the fans believe that the Chinese friends.
    But fortunately, AURUS DRAGON sponge upgrade to 47.5 degrees,
    Made a strong shot when there will be no virtual situation, feel a lot of solid,
    This is compared to the author used in the backhand TC-1 can be aware of the obvious differences,
    TC-1 in the force was too flash at the time.
    In fact, the author has been thinking about this issue,
    Whether the Chinese equipment must be stressed the power?
    Chinese players in the table tennis altar completely hegemony is to rely on a powerful force?
    If the powerful will be able to invincible, attack nothing,
    Why the top of the table tennis players do not like wrestling players like muscle men?
    About the first two months, the author had the honor to a professional player to ask the game,
    The process of the players repeatedly stressed that do not think that the high level of the players are playing vigorously in the ball,
    The sound of the tap in the television broadcast is due to the effect of the location of the live radio and the radio sensitivity,
    If you really watch the game at the scene will find that most of the handling of the ball back and forth are very delicate and small action,
    Force also in about seven, there will not be too much sound,
    "Delicate and small action" this sentence just echoed the aforementioned "control".
    Perhaps most of us in the game are watching the shooting angle and the impact of radio,
    And then on the ping-pong equipment had a considerable degree of misunderstanding.
    After reaching a certain level,
    Control of the quality of the good or bad is really the real key to control the outcome of the game.
    AURUS DRAGON in performance is not the best German system cake sponge rubber,
    Because noodle friction there is room for improvement,
    But this rubber does give the author an imagination ~
    If you can have EVOLUTION ball ability,
    There are Q series of lethality,
    There is AURUS DRAGON control,
    How nice it is!


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    Aurus was a favorite of mine for years, excellent topsheet.
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    What made you switch to MX-P?

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