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      The big TT dictionary thread

      Hello there,
      take a look at the thread and if you see that no one posted translations in your language, then please do it.

      FH - tenyeres
      BH - fonák
      penhold - tollszár
      blade - fa
      rubber - borítás, szoft
      racket - ütő
      long pips - hosszú szemcse, 'szőr'
      short pips - rövid szemcse
      spin - fals
      topspin - felső fals, pörgetés
      backspin - nyesés
      loop - pörgetés, pöri
      drive - kontra
      counterloop - visszapörgetés, visszapöri
      push - rövid nyesés, letevés
      short game - rövid játék
      chop - nyesés, védés, 'szeletelés'
      lobbing - dobálás
      block - dropp
      serve - szerva
      flick/flip - rövid indítás

      You can ask for other terms (or full translations)

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      Great idea!


      Cantonese TT terms (from 1980's, not sure if terms are still in use, although speaking to some of the members of my club, they understand me)

      Please keep in mind that some of the Jyutping/Cantonese transliteration into English doesn't include tones ... some people say Cantonese uses 6 tones, some say a little more

      Penhold - Jihk baan (straight board) aka Ci gang baan (spoon board - as if one is holding a spoon)
      Shakehand - Waang baan (horizontal board)
      Racket - Baan (board)
      FH - Gin sau (real/true hand) I think that is "gin" is the transliteration of 'real/true" ??
      BH - Faan sau (reverse hand)
      Topspin - Soeng syun (up revolve/spin)
      Downspin - Haa syun (down revolve/spin)

      I'm sure there Chinese members who can add in the Mandarin and/or more Cantonese and correct me if I am wrong.


      Don't have time now to copy over, there are some Chinese terms in Mandarin here: http://mytabletennis.net/forum/forum....asp?TID=12903
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      Hey, im new to TT and it helped me a lot! TY!
      Do you need assignment help?

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      I'll try to provide the Mandarin translations:

      FH - 正手
      BH - 反手
      penhold - 直拍
      shakehand - 横拍

      blade - 板
      sponge - 海绵
      rubber - 胶皮
      racket - 球拍

      smooth rubber, inverted - 反胶
      long pips - 长胶
      medium pips - 生胶
      short pips - 正胶
      antispin - 防弧胶

      spin - 旋转
      topspin - 上旋
      backspin - 下旋
      sidespin - 侧旋
      no spin - 不转

      loop - 拉球
      arc - 弧线
      high loop - 拉弧线
      loop kill - 前冲
      drive - ?? probably just hit the ball, 打球
      counterloop - 反拉
      push - 搓球
      short push - 摆短
      short game - 短球
      chop - 削球
      lobbing - 放高球
      smash - 扣球
      block - 挡球
      serve - 发球
      high toss serve - 高抛发球
      backhand flip - 反手拧球
      forehand flip - 正手挑球

      close table soft counter - 快带
      punch - tan qiu (will search later)
      control - 控制

      I'll try to think of more later.
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