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    Thats ok, TTFrenzy.
    I agree that if we compare two blades of one and the same model with slight 1-2 gr. difference in weight most probably will not catch this difference, if its equally distributed. But if we add 2 gr. right to the top I'm prety sure it will be very sensible.
    But thats just another story.
    In my experiment /obviously nonsense/ I wanted to check will this balancers help with a particular shot. I placed 2.5 gr on one side of the blade /the lower for the hit/ and it really helped, but it jeopardised all other hits. But its for me, with others it may be different.1
    My main blade is 85 gr., 186 gr. bat total. I have another blade of 94 gr., 197 bat total.
    The lighter is the bat the more sensitive it is to weight and balance changes not only in feeling, but in play too.

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