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    View Poll Results: Who do you think will win the World Cup 2017?

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    • Ma Long

      193 61.86%
    • Dimitrij Ovtcharov

      21 6.73%
    • Jun Mizutani

      8 2.56%
    • Timo Boll

      69 22.12%
    • Koki Niwa

      4 1.28%
    • Lee Sang Su

      2 0.64%
    • Chuang Chih Yuan

      0 0%
    • Simon Gauzy

      2 0.64%
    • Marcos Freitas

      3 0.96%
    • Other (Post Below)

      10 3.21%
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      Wow what a tournament! A lot of 7 game matches and Timo who showed to be in an awesome shape at his age! Still biting nails after the crucial matches.
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      says Kim Jung Hoon with Nexy Karis
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      Men's World Cup 2017

      First off: congratulations to Dima and Timo.

      Second: I do think this is good for the sport of table tennis as a whole.

      Third: I think this shows how the moves the Chinese government made—in regards to the organization of the CNT coaching—have been helpful to the sport as a whole even if, this result was inadvertent.

      By making decisions that truly hurt the CNT, the Chinese government may have helped make table tennis a little more interesting to fans from all over the world.

      I feel for the players of the CNT though. It seems to me, without the amazing coaching they had while Liu Gouliang was the head coach, the overall play of the top players seems to be suffering. Perhaps it is a short term thing and the CNT will right itself. But it is hard to say.

      FZD did not seem up to his usual standard in the finals of the Asian Cup where he lost to LGY either.

      We can look at these things and think FZD had a bad day and ML and Lin Gaoyuan had bad days against Timo as well.

      This may be true. History will tell the full tale in the coming years.

      But I remember when Mike Tyson was convinced he was so good he did not need a good coaching staff and trainer and fired Kevin Rooney, only to watch his boxing skills rapidly slip and his corner of yes men unable to coach him out of tight battles. Against Buster Douglass they were so unprepared for Tyson’s opponent to put up a real fight that they did not have the standard tools (Enswell) for keeping the swelling of his eyes down.

      It seems to me the Chinese government may have underestimated the importance of the coaching staff in the shifts they made in the recent past.

      I feel for the CNT players but hope this is good for the sport in the long run for China to have to rebuild a little and for the rest of the world to see that China is not simply invincible.

      And I do think that if Tyson had kept his original corner, he could have gone down as the greatest heavyweight of all times. But his decisions about coaching and his overconfidence about his skills without realizing how important his coaching and training had been caused his downfall.

      Let’s hope the example of the CNT coaching staff that was dismissed ultimately helps the whole table tennis world improve their level.

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      What a great day for European table tennis. Great matches, very entertaining tournament. For me, it would have been pure perfection if Timo went all the way, he really did the hardest work, but I don't mind Dima winning, it was highly probable that he will have more strength left.

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      A truly German victory. I hope it will cause a surge in popularity in TT worldwide.

      It is good for the sport as a whole

      Passionate about TT

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      The Chinese TT organization learned its lesson the hard way! Very few people can think anyone besides ML could win the tournament, except hardcore fans to certain players. I only watched ML played against Niwa and noticed he was so lousy. Even so Timo must play his best to beat ML. Too much lecturing from the communist government didn't do ML any good!

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      Awesome to see Timo Boll beat Ma Long in real life. Noone in the stadium really saw it coming. The vibrance, drama and the huge crowd support made this match worthy of the final for me! After this match pretty much everyone was rooting for Timo in the finals, but in the last games vs ovtcharov, we saw the toll his crazy matches agains the chinese players were taking. Timo was missing more shots and lacked some punch, while Dima was still going strong. Timo Boll = winner of the tournament for me.

      I allso really enjoyed watching Simon Gauzy! Dima's speed (especially on backhand shots) was amazing, but the much younger Gauzy has a very nice style, with strawberry flicks and slow spinny returns just over the net. I felt in both his matches against Dima and Ma Long, he played very intelligent (i think he made at least 5 points against Ma Long with the same strategy), but he made too many service mistakes and was sometimes just overpowered with brute force. I hope to see more of the french player in the future!
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