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    Thread: Storing Blades

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      Storing Blades

      Hello. I have few blades I don't prefer to use at this time but I don't want to sell them. What's the best way to store a blade when you don't plan to use it over a longer period of time?

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      depends on the type. Hinoki or other 1 ply blades are much more prone to issues with storage, for me in the uk a drawer away from radiators and direct sunlight is fine but you might have more troubles in other climates

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      dark. dry. neither to cool nor to hot. maybe slighty sealed.

      if you have access to a vakuum sealer, like the ones used for food, that would be the very best (many new blades are vakuum packed). but then still, dark and dry place with normal room temperature.

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      Blades only you may store just in their boxes in a dry place at normal temperature and away from direct sunlight.
      Bats with rubbers - the same way, but because rubbers are sensitive to age, its good to wrap the head with a thin plastic food wrap, leaving the handle free to breathe. New bats are sealed, but they are new with no fat, swet and salt inside. If you seal used bats they have to be very well cleaned and dry and it will be good to unseal and seal again periodically.

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      I like this site, everything is informative here.

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