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      says Dima... Amazing...
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      Does timo feel chinese rubbers have an advantage?

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      How did you recover your form so well after your break because of your knee operation? How did your backhand improve so much in active and passive play compared to the Rio Olympics?

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      says Shake hand grip is better than
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      Why did you choose tenergy for your rubber choice

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      says Dignics 09C review out now
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      Thanks for all your great questions guys, really helpful. I asked as many questions as I could. The interview will be out soon, along with something special

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      Nice .. waiting for the Christmas special !
      Quote Originally Posted by Dan View Post
      Thanks for all your great questions guys, really helpful. I asked as many questions as I could. The interview will be out soon, along with something special
      Lets go Spinny Looping !

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      yoass is online now
      says modestly attempting kōhaiship
      of Jeul-Tak
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      Too late, too late…

      "Timo, close your eyes. Breathe out. Breathe in. You are relaxed. You find yourself in the body of 14-year old Timo, in the year 1980, eager to sniff your first Chack whiffs. Your heroes are Georg Bohm-Zsolt, Gabor Gergely, Dragutin Surbek and Stellan Bengtsson and you have big, big hair. You look at the tournament's schedule on the wall, and vaguely recall encountering the whippersnappers JO Waldner, Jorg Rosskopf in tournaments before, and having a tough time beating them. Yet you sense a deep well of experience, as if somewhere the wisdom of an wizened great one is now suddenly available to you. How would that wisdom change your approach towards the opponents you'll be facing?"
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      Quote Originally Posted by yoass View Post
      Will you sign a used slab of tenergy once you're finished with it for me? :-)
      Any blade would do the job also (Still hoping to win one of the giveaways with a signature from top players any day soon )

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      says Grand Consultant to the Office
      of the Goon Squad
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      Pls go back and ask him how he got hiz injured back fixed.
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      well, to late for me..regardless, who is the most difficult opponent you had ever faced in your illustrious career? Since it is not going to be answered by Timo then others here maybe can find the answer for him. (My bet his answer will be the latest grand slam champion).

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