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      Gareth Bale- Average or Amazing?

      Article written by Tony Alveres at http://shoutsfromthestands.wordpress...gory/football/ Check him out guys!!

      After his performances this season summed up by almost ripping apart the European champions on his own many of you will think there’s an easy answer to this question…. He’s amazing.

      But for me the 21 year old welsh man still has a lot to prove.
      This debate started when a friend of mine sent me a message after Bale laid Tottenham’s third goal on a plate for Roman Pavlyuchenko against Inter Milan simply saying “I say this with confidence he is the best left sided player in the world”
      This made me think. I pride myself on my football knowledge and on current form i could not argue with him there is no left winger playing better than Gareth Bale.
      However, i still do not rate him as world class or anywhere near that standard. I may be viewing this with my biased Arsenal tinted glasses on but in my eyes Gareth Bale has two real attributes his pace is frightening and he has a clean striking/ delivery of a ball.
      Surely world football must have produced a better player than someone with two attributes. Bale has no real trickery and if he cant nock a ball past or inside a defender into open space can’t really beat his man.

      You may point to him ripping Maicon apart twice in the fixtures against Inter Milan but for every one of these stunning performances there is a quiet one such as against Manchester United and the very average Rafael Da Silva.
      Whilst he is playing at an exceptional level at the moment i feel Inter Milan were a bit naive. If you leave space in behind your defence there is no doubt he will punish you, but i do not believe you can be called the best player in the world in your position if you are only proven against one type of defence.
      What he can do against a tight defence with no space remains to be seen so for now im going to have to call Bale a good player who is being made to look great by teams letting him play to his strengths.

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      Amazing in my opinion!

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      amazing just too bad hes welsh

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      Great player offensively but he needs to work on his positioning while defending. He can rely on his pace to cover up positional mistakes against Wolves, Stoke and the like but against opposing wingers of a simmilar pace to him, he may prove a liability.

      This will make you laugh (it did for me anyway)

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